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Remove different wrinkles by Dubai Massage

We all know that, in Dubai, beauty is the nature of women. As Dubai girls, how should they protect their skin? Products with excellent effects are not enough. Only with some easy Dubai massage techniques can your anti-aging care work to its fullest effect.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Hotel
Dubai Massage Home Service - Amy

There are also different massage techniques for wrinkles in different parts:

Forehead lines and frown lines

Use your thumb and index finger to use the abdominal eyebrows, and repeat the deep pinch action. The contact surface of the finger and the fore-up pattern should be 90 degrees. Then take the eye cream with your ring finger and gently massage from the corner of the eye in a circular motion. At the end of the full body massage in Dubai, quickly pat the corners of the eyes under the eyes with your fingers to promote blood circulation in the skin and help the absorption of the eye cream.

Apply a proper amount of skin care products, use the thumb and index finger to massage alternately with the napkins in a gentle and gentle pinching motion, then curl your fingers and insert them into the chin arc in a circular manner and pull up to the ears. The hands of the next person do not need to leave the skin, and gently stroke down in order until it is enough. You can also try some Dubai Massage treatment for prostatitis.

Crow's feet

Move the fingers from the bridge of the nose to under the eyebrows, and then go over the top of the face slightly, and repeat. You can also tap your fingertips from above the ears to the bridge of the nose to stimulate the area under the eyes.

Cationic wrinkles

Exercising to prevent fine lines is good for relieving the fatigue of the day and the health of the cervical spine. By the Body to body massage in Dubai, you can get some many benefits from it.

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