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Japanese Massage

What is Japanese Massage in Dubai

Japanese Massage is also called Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a form of massage that originated in Japanese medicine, and has been widely practiced around the world since the 1970s. Shiatsu means “finger pressure,” which describes the technique. In shiatsu therapy, pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet is applied to pressure points on the body. This form of massage also focuses on rotating and stretching limbs, joints, and pressure points, or meridians, as they’re called in traditional Japanese medicine.

Eastern medicine has a completely different perspective on health, the body and what is needed for healing. The West approaches illnesses and disease as problems that need to be fixed, with the remedy usually in the form of a pill. Eastern medicine believes the body and mind need to be in balance with its surroundings.

Restore and maintain the body’s energy, especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness

Improves circulation

Reduces stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression

Relief from headaches

Promotes healing from sprains and similar injuries

Helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers

Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders as well as backaches (including sciatica)

Coughs, colds, and other sinus and respiratory problems

Helps those dealing with insomnia

Shiatsu improves overall circulation, speeds up metabolism, controls nervous system function and enhances the body’s natural healing ability.



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Dubai Japanese Massage
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