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Dubai Massage Treatment For Prostatitis

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Nowadays, in Dubai, massage therapy has been popular, even all over the world, especially in the beauty and medical fields, and has been favored and recommended by many experts. Similarly, prostatitis, which is common in male diseases, can also be treated with massage therapy. Have you ever heard of it? Body massage in Dubai has a positive effect, operation rehabilitation, and easy acceptance and mastery by patients. It is a very good auxiliary treatment method.

Helen comes from Japan, she is the best masseuse of body to body Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Body to body
Dubai Massage Full Service

In theory, the agent of prostate massage in Dubai can relieve the obstruction of these glands, get normal drainage, and make antibiotics easier to penetrate. Therefore, it is recommended to massage the prostate 1-2 times a week to help the drainage of the prostate fluid. After general massage, you will feel comfortable, local correction and the feeling of falling swelling are alleviated. However, if symptoms worsen or fever after massage, massage should be suspended and antibacterial drugs should be added.

The treatment of prostatitis is:

(1) First, clean the anus and the lower part of the prostate. The Full Body Dubai Massage treatment is possible. The patient takes the chest-knee position or lateral position. After correcting the front wall to touch the prostate with the index finger along the anus, the doctor gently implants the prostate in the order from the outside up to the inside down. At the same time, the patient is prescribed the levator anus to make the prostate. The fluid drains out of the urethral opening and urinates immediately.

(2) Self-massage: The patient takes off the squat position or the lateral flexion position, cleans the prostate and lower rectum after defecation, and inserts the body of the prostate with the middle finger or index finger. The method is the same as before, and each massage is 3 to 5 minutes. It is better to discharge the prostate fluid from the urethra every time. Be sure to apply gentle force during massage. Use soap to lubricate finger cots before massage to reduce repetition. Each massage treatment should be at least 3 days apart. If in the process of self-massage, the prostate is tender and cystic is increased, you should go to the specialist clinic in time. Prostate massage should still be used when acute chronic prostatitis has an acute attack. By this massage, you can also get the effect of weight loss.

Any treatment is a gradual process, and massage therapy for prostatitis is no exception. Master the correct techniques and procedures, adhere to massage therapy, and believe that the patient will receive a certain therapeutic effect. Of course, you can also follow the doctor's advice, and at the same time cooperate with some other physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., to make the recovery better!

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