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Relax your legs by Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, Massage can not only help relax the tight muscles after exercise, allow exercise metabolites to be discharged faster, avoid swelling and soreness after exercise, but also promote leg microcirculation, eliminate edema, and promote fat burning! So, how do you massage your calves to relax?

If you have a muscular calf, it is recommended that you do not rush to carry out various leg-reducing exercises and movements. The first task is to loosen the calf muscles.

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Step 1. Use both hands while massaging the muscles on the calf of the calf while massaging from the middle up and down, constantly changing the massaged muscles, massaging each leg for 3 minutes.

Step 2. Massage the calf muscles left and right like twisting a rag, changing the massage area from ankle to knee continuously, and stick to each leg for 3 minutes. Not only the leg massage, you can try a full body massage in Dubai.

Step 3. Hold the calf with both hands, press the leg bone in front of the calf with your thumb, massage from bottom to top, repeat 3 times. In addition to the thumb, the other fingers should also increase the intensity of the massage muscles. Massage each leg for 3 minutes.

Step 4. Put your thumb on the knee, hold the thigh muscles with both hands while pressing the position of the knee socket while massaging the knee, hold on to each leg for 2 minutes.

Generally speaking, take an appropriate amount of massage cream (or various lubricating lotions, body oils) and rub the calf area from bottom to top, rub back and forth repeatedly.

1. Friction massage: After applying the lotion, use your fingers to press and rub the area with more subcutaneous fat. Focus on massaging around the knees to make the front side of the calf firm and smooth.

2. Shiatsu massage: Grab the subcutaneous fat with your fingers. Starting from the center line of the inner and outer sides of the calf, use a little painful force and continue rhythmically.

3. Rubbing massage: Grab the fatty area and rub it with your thumb. This is a firmer massage method that is most suitable for areas with thicker subcutaneous fat such as calves. This is the best way of massage except a body to body massage in Dubai.

Tips: If you want to thin your calves, you must first check whether your calf muscles are loose or tight. If the muscles are tight, it will be more difficult to lose weight. The first leg reduction plan starts with loosening and massaging the firm calf fat. And you also need to know some precautions for massage to lose weight.

To improve the muscle mass of the calf, exercise is necessary, but it is effective to combine stretching and massage. On the one hand, stretch the muscle mass to make it into a strip, and on the other hand, relax the muscle after exercise to prevent muscle mass from growing again.

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