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Massaging your scalp regularly is great for your body

Massaging the scalp can stimulate the capillaries on the scalp, make them expand and thicken, and the blood circulation is strong, supplying more nutrients and oxygen to the brain tissue. When the brain is nourished, the energy will be more abundant. The blood circulation of the scalp is improved, and it is also conducive to the growth and development of hair, preventing hair loss and graying. The elderly often do some scalp massage or full body massage in Dubai, can also prolong life.

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The scalp has many nerve endings. Some nerve endings are very close to the brain, and information on the scalp can easily be transmitted to the brain. Massage with fingers on the scalp can gently stimulate the nerve endings on the scalp, and enhance the thinking function of the cerebral cortex through nerve reflexes. When people encounter some problems and can't think of a good solution, it is often good to massage the scalp with their fingers for a while, so as to broaden their thinking and think of ways to solve the problem. At the same time, by the Dubai Massage, you can get healthier kidneys!

Scalp massage or just some other kinds of Dubai Massage at Home has always been regarded as a good way of hair care, and it is widely spread among the people. Because the scalp is full of peripheral nerves that account for 1/4 of the human body, and it is also the closest place to the brain, especially the scalp has rich blood vessels, so massaging the scalp can not only eliminate fatigue, relax nerves, but also prevent hair from falling out.

So why can massage prevent hair loss? The reason is very simple, because during the massage process, the blood circulation of the scalp is improved, which improves the metabolic environment of the hair follicles, which is very beneficial to the growth of hair, and promotes the hair that grows to be shiny and flexible. And can prevent hair fall, delay hair aging.

The benefits of a head / scalp massage

1. Refreshing and relieving fatigue

Head massage can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points on the head, so it can have a good refreshing effect and quickly get rid of fatigue.

2. Promote blood circulation in the head

Massaging the head can effectively stimulate the capillaries distributed on the scalp, so that it is in an expanded state, which can promote the operation of blood circulation in the head and supply more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

3. Relieve headache symptoms

Massage on the head can sparse the meridians and activate collaterals, so the symptoms of headache can be significantly alleviated. Therefore, when you have a headache, don't take headache medicine easily, it is better to try massaging your head first!

When you have a headache, it is very beneficial to massage your scalp a few times. When you have a headache, if your own massage can't solve the problem, you can also ask someone around you to help. But if the headache is severe, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

4. Good for healthy hair growth

When grasping and massaging the hair, it can regulate the blood circulation of the head, deliver more sufficient nutrients to the hair roots, and at the same time stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp, strengthen the hair roots to a certain extent, prevent the hair from falling out, and is conducive to the healthy growth of the hair.

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