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Massage your chin to tighten it

As people grow older, the skin gradually loosens and is no longer as firm as it was when we were young, which can also easily lead to the formation of wrinkles. In Dubai, for those women who love beauty, if the skin condition is very poor, it will inevitably affect the external image, and it will also have a great impact on normal life and interpersonal communication. In order to tighten the skin, not only Pay attention to your daily habits and use some methods to improve it. Let me introduce how to do a home massage in Dubai for your face, to tighten your skin!

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Bend the index finger and middle finger to clasp the chin, put the thumb against the underside of the chin, slide gently from the chin to the earlobe, and perform an upward lifting movement. Repeat 5-10 times to tighten the skin.

Put the knuckles of the index finger and middle finger against the sides of the nose, slide gently along the bottom of the cheekbones to the front of the ears, use a little force to eliminate excess fat, lift the head up, stretch the neck line, and keep the head up. , this action can help prevent edema, and proper facial massage can relieve edema, tighten the chin, and create a delicate face.

Don’t keep your hands idle when taking a bath. Slowly relax the muscles by a full body massage in Dubai when taking a bath. Press the forehead with one hand, lean back the neck, dip the other hand in the bath liquid or soap, and make a circle from bottom to top on the neck and chin Kneading and rubbing, often doing this kind of massage is very effective in eliminating the relaxation and wrinkles of the jaw muscles.

Use the thumbs of both hands to support the lower part of the chin, squeeze along the edge of the mandible and move to the back of the ear, press all the way to the post-auricular lymph, that is, the position behind the earlobe, and massage the lymphatic part with a little force.

This action helps to drain excess fluid and prevent puffiness in the lower face. Massage daily with firming skin care products to delay relaxation. Some firming skin care products will form a slightly tightening film on the surface of the skin, giving people the feeling of immediate lifting, and also preventing the skin from sagging.

Apply massage cream on the skin of the chin and the upper part of the neck, use the index finger or middle finger, and the thumb to slowly pinch the fat of the double chin towards the chin, and firmly clamp the fat of the double chin. Move from the center of the chin to the ear, and then use the second joint of the finger to squeeze the fat in the clamp upward, repeat 2-3 times. Not only for face, you can also try some similar method to massage your hip.

After cleansing and skin care every morning and evening, raise your head, and use the back of your hands to gently pat the junction of the jaw and neck rhythmically in turn. Slowly patting from the neck to the jaw, the neck and jaw form the arc from bottom to top, the back of the hand should be close to the skin from the neck to the jaw, and complete the step of lifting upwards during patting.

Pat the front 30 times, keeping your head up. Turn your head to the left and right forty-five degrees and slap 30 times on each side. This massage method can achieve the purpose of firming the skin and burning jaw fat. Persevere every day, and the effect will naturally be seen.

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