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Some Methods of Your Hip Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, female friends are paying more and more attention to their figure. To have a beautiful chest, waist, slender arms and legs, and most importantly, a sexy buttocks. But in fact, loose, sagging and overly plump buttocks are more common in middle-aged women. The reason is, on the one hand, the accumulation of fat in the lower back and thighs, and on the other hand, the weakening of the buttocks muscle strength. Physical exercise can accelerate fat decomposition and strengthen the supporting force of buttock muscles, but some people cannot engage in excessive exercise, such as patients with cardiovascular system diseases. In this way, an easy hip massage or full body massage in Dubai has become the best choice.

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Dubai Massage at Home

Hip massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate the body's metabolic function, and at the same time relieve fatigue and relieve body aches and pains.

1. Promote blood circulation: Massaging the buttocks every day can promote blood circulation and prevent back pain symptoms. Promoting blood circulation, sedentary and less moving is a common cause of poor blood circulation and stagnant blood in the buttocks. Buttock care also has the function of removing moisture and turbidity accumulated in the pelvic area and maintaining the health of women's abdomen.

2. Regulating metabolism: Massaging the buttocks can promote blood circulation, and at the same time, it can also regulate the body's metabolic function, eliminate waste, grease, and garbage in the body, and improve the body's antibody effect. Eliminate toxins, a woman's buttocks are closely connected with the abdomen and waist, caring for the buttocks is conducive to the discharge of excess fat and toxins in the abdomen and groin, and can also promote metabolism, thereby tightening and delicate buttock skin.

3. Relieve fatigue and relieve body aches and pains: Sitting for a long time or bending over to work often leads to soreness and pain in the back. By massaging the buttocks, you can relieve symptoms such as soreness in the waist and knees, back pain and so on. It is also suitable for relax hip muscles after exercise.

In fact, hip massage can not only eliminate excess fat, enhance buttock muscle strength, but also achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Some people have more fat in the buttocks, and it is necessary to take aerobic gymnastics to improve it, and it is also important to exercise the muscles that spread the buttocks.

1. The massager puts his hands on the outside of the buttocks of the massaged person, and pushes hard to the inside, and the massaged person contracts the gluteal muscles hard, repeating 15 times. Then, the massager presses the buttocks of the person being massaged, alternately pushes left and right, repeats for 5 minutes, and then rubs the buttocks with the palm until the skin heats up.

2. The massager overlaps his palms and pushes out radially from the highest point of the massaged person's buttocks to the surroundings, repeating for 5 minutes.

3. The massager pushes down from the sacrum to the thigh with his hands, alternately left and right for about 15 times, and then massages with his hands for about 1 minute, until he feels sore and swollen.

4. The massager holds down the leg of the person being massaged, and asks him to lift his buttocks up several times. Then let it twist the waist left and right several times.

5. For massage, use both hands to hold the quilt on one side of the knee of the massager, push and pull the leg forward and repeat about 25 times, alternately.

As long as this kind of massage in Dubai at home can be used consistently, the hip position can be gradually improved and become round and beautiful.

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