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Massage in Dubai to improve dark circles

People who often stay up late are most likely to have dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are prone to occur, but they are not easy to remove. And it will damage our facial beauty. In our life now, the phenomenon of staying up late is more and more common, so dark circles appear on the faces of more and more people in Dubai. So we mainly introduce how to reduce this phenomenon through a Massage in Dubai at Home.

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It is generally recommended to eliminate dark circles for the purpose of supplementing nutritional deficiencies and promoting blood circulation. In addition, you should also use the correct beauty techniques to do eye massage frequently.

First of all, we need to use a towel to compress the eyes. This method is one of the most common methods we can use. If you see that your dark circles under your eyes are particularly heavy every morning, you can use a hot towel to compress your eyes. Just minutes away, and dark circles under the eyes will be significantly relieved. You can apply makeup again at this time.

After getting up in the morning and before going to bed, we can perform eye massage first. The habit of this massage depends on your individual. Whether you have dark circles or not, it is very good to get an eye massage in the morning, just 5 minutes Yes, when you look in the mirror again, you will see obvious changes, and dark circles will not be so heavy. And in the evening, you can also do this before sleeping, moreover, if you have enough time, a full body massage in Dubai will give a better effect to your healthy.

After that, we will be able to achieve better results. We'd better buy a bottle of mild eye cream that suits you. Before the activity of massaging the eyes, we dipped a small amount of eye cream and gently applied them around our eyes.

When the eye cream is fully kneaded, we can start the massage. We first use our little finger, from the bottom of our eyes, gently press the dot pressure method to the upper eye. Then you can do it the other way around, about twice. This allows the eye cream we just applied to be fully absorbed by the skin.

In the third step, we are going to use the ring finger. We find the position of the corner of the eye to the outside, and then use it to gently massage the direction of the eye, remember not to apply too much force. Because the skin around our eyes is very sensitive. You can use a circular motion to gently massage. This process should be repeated about five times.

In the fourth step, we are going to use the middle finger and ring finger. Use these two fingers to press the upper orbital area and brow orbital area of ​​our eyes together. The same as the previous two steps, gently and slowly massage from the inner part of the eye to the end of the eye. Remember that the action must be lighter. This process can be repeated about three times.

It's almost the same here, and then we can also massage the part of our eyebrows. Rub it gently and pull up our eyebrows, then let go, and pull it again to help its muscles move. This process can be repeated five times.

In addition, if you are trying various methods to remove dark circles but are still staying up late, then all are in vain. The prime time to sleep is from 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening. Sleeping or applying a mask at around 10:00 will have a more obvious effect than other times, and dark circles will leave you over time. And if you keep your bed time like this, you will be far away from the neurasthenia!

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