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Massage in Dubai can treat neurasthenia

As we know, Dubai massage can treat many diseases, such as neurasthenia. So do you know which areas are better to massage for neurasthenia? Although our living conditions have improved, many of us are suffering from neurasthenia. What should we do? Can a full body massage in Dubai treat neurasthenia? Let's take a look at the following related knowledge.

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Neurasthenia refers to a long-term over-tension of the mind, which leads to brain excitement and inhibition of dysfunction. It is more common in brain workers or people who overuse the brain. It will not only affect the study, work, and future of patients, but may also affect family harmony, and even cause serious physical illnesses. It can be called an "invisible killer" that threatens people's physical and mental health in contemporary society.

What are the symptoms of neurasthenia?

The symptoms of neurasthenia can be divided into two main categories:

The first is physical symptoms, including: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath, hyperhidrosis, insomnia, dreaminess, easy awakening, decreased sexual function, etc.

The second is mental symptoms, including: memory loss, lack of concentration, slow thinking, emotional instability, irritability, and listlessness.

Nervous breakdown is useful by a body Dubai massage therapy. Nervous breakdown is caused by long-term tension and pressure, which is prone to mental excitement and mental fatigue. It is often accompanied by emotional troubles, sleep disorders, muscle tension headaches, etc., massage can relieve nerves Symptoms of nervousness. At the same time, massage is also helpful for your waist.

Long-term neurasthenia is definitely not good. It can be relieved by self-massage. The main principle of this therapy is to reflexively affect the function of the nerve center through massage, so that the nerve center's excitement and inhibition process can be restored to balance. Discomforts such as fainting, insomnia, and dreaminess have been improved. Massage can also reduce or disappear limb pain, and certain pathogenic factors of neurasthenia can also be eliminated.

There are many areas on the head, back of the neck, soles of the feet and the roots of the fingers that can make people calm and sleep peaceful. Massage has a calming and hypnotic effect on the stimulation of these areas.

In addition, in life, you should also relax yourself appropriately, listen to some soothing music, and imagine yourself floating with the music, successfully falling asleep, the key is to reduce people's attention and avoid excessive pressure on yourself.

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