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Dubai Massage can effectively get rid of dark circles

Nowdays, in Dubai, girls would like to try all the methods to make themselves more beautiful. And, on the face, the most important part is of course your eyes. You may try many expensive eye cream to make your eyes clean and beautiful, but you also get so many problems of dark circles. So, just ignore the eye cream for some days, get some experience of eye Massage in Dubai at Home.

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Dark circles are caused by excessive melanin at the bottom of the skin. Dark circles are formed on the surface of the skin after years of exposure to sunlight and bad habits. Everyone's skin and physique are different, so the same products on the market treat the symptoms but not the root cause. If you want to really remove dark circles, you have to start from the deepest layer of the eye skin. Your dark circles last longer and your skin is severely damaged. It is difficult to get rid of ordinary cosmetics, and you need to do targeted skin repair.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the body, and the melanin activity is very vigorous. Once exercise or lack of sleep, dark circles are prone to appear. A face massage can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, and is often used to relieve dark circles, and on the other hand, a body to body massage in Dubai can also help you get a better health condition.

Because the orbicularis oculi muscle of the eye is a circular fiber, a circular massage can be used for dark circles. Before massage, you can apply some eye cream that promotes blood circulation, and then massage the shallow depressions between the brows, temples (outward depressions at the line between the brows and the outer eyeliner), etc., to circulate the skin around the eyes. Not only for the dark circle, Dubai massage can also good for your leg edema.

Preventive massage is generally 3-5 minutes each time, 2 times a day; therapeutic massage can be 10-15 minutes each time, 2-3 times a week.

Be sure to pay attention on time. If you use too much force, not only will it not promote blood circulation, but it will damage the eye skin and cause fine lines in severe cases. Of course, to eliminate dark circles, you need to ensure adequate sleep, pay attention to a light diet, and then strengthen exercise.

Finally, you can try ice cream on the eyes with milk. Milk is a common beauty product. It has a certain effect on whitening and moisturizing. It can be applied externally or internally. It is applied around the eyes and massaged for 5-10 minutes, and then washed with water, which can effectively improve dark circles while making the skin smooth and delicate.

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