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Massage in Dubai to help you eliminate leg edema

In fact, in Dubai, many girls are not fat, but they look very sensual because of edema in the legs. Especially girls who are prone to swelling of their legs have a feeling of stout body. So how can we eliminate edema? Teach you how to do a Dubai massage at home, and then you will say goodbye to edema. Let's learn together.

Amy is from Thai, she is our best masseuse, specially good at full body massage in Dubai.

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1, massage the soles of the feet

(1) First apply massage oil or lotion about the size of a coin on the right foot and right ankle, and then use the thumb to push down from the right foot arch to the ankle, about 10-15 times.

(2) Also use the thumb of the thumb to press the toe seam between the toes of the right foot. Each toe seam can be pressed 3 times and then another toe seam.

(3) Use the raised knuckles of your fist to push the gap between the bones on the instep, and then slide from the root of the ankle to the gap between the toes 3 to 5 times.

2, massage the ankle

Use the thumb of the right hand to massage the lower edge of the bone from the inside of the ankle. It can be massaged 3 times. In the same way, massage the outer edge of the raised bone 3 times, and then change the left ankle. Not only for the feet, the body massage is also good for your neck.

3, massage the calf

(1) Squeeze the lotion of about 1 yuan coin size on the palm, then overlap the left and right palms and rub to make the lotion evenly on both hands, and then slide the front, side and back of the right calf leg from bottom to top.

(2) Alternate left and right fingers. Massage the calf from the calf close to the ankle up while gently pinching the calf. You can massage the calf 10 times from the bottom up.

(3) With the back of the right hand facing up and the back of the left hand facing down, massage the inner calf from the base of the calf with the thumb of both hands for about 10 times, which can improve the edema of the calf.

(4) Make a fist with both hands, use the knuckle and the skin of the knuckle plane of the fist to lightly pat the inner and outer sides of the calf for about 1 minute.

To eliminate legs or body edema, the best way is to make a full service massage in Dubai. But you can also start with diet to maintain water balance in the body. A balanced diet is the most important thing. Excessive intake of salt will cause water to stay in the body and cause edema. Therefore, to maintain water balance, it is necessary Exhaust excess water from the body and eat more foods that enhance water circulation can help reduce swelling.

There is also that, usually reduce the intake of foods that are susceptible to cold, cold drinks or foods that increase the burden on the stomach, so that your stomach becomes fatigued and the water in the body is retained. In addition, to deal with edema, mild or diuretic foods, a balanced intake of foods, and to rest the stomach, should also reduce eating at night, it is best not to eat supper to reduce the intake of large amounts of water.

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