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Dubai Massage to Enhance Sexual Performance

Sexual ability is what men care about the most. In Dubai, I believe that most men are worried about their sexual ability, and their wives say that their sexual ability is not strong. So how to improve their sexual ability? Please enjoy some frequently Body massage in Dubai for the following areas to improve your sexual performance.

Yuri is from Japan, she can provide the best full body massage in Dubai.

Body to body massage
Dubai Massage Full Service - Yuri

Massage can help men increase muscle strength and flexibility in the CORE areas. Massage on specific parts of a person can achieve the purpose of treating impotence. Massage for men is simple and easy to learn. It can be done by yourself or your wife. The introduction is as follows:

Groin massage

Before going to bed, place both hands on the abdomen and leg groove (to the base of the thigh), gently massage 30 times with palms in an oblique direction. You can do this massage several times a week, which has a certain effect on enhancing libido and improving energy.

Friction in the lower abdomen

Before going to bed, place one hand on the suprapubic lower abdomen under the navel of the abdomen, and slowly rub the other hand on the lower abdomen from left to right, taking the degree of warmth in the abdomen consciously. By the massage, you can also remove your winkles.

Rub the testicles

Warm your hands, first hold the two testis with your right hand, place the right testis on the ribbed surface of your thumb, index finger and middle finger, then gently rub it and turn it to the right 30-50 times to make it feel slightly sore. The pain is also relieved, and then gently rub it with the left hand as above. It is also operated by the rubbing method, that is, first tighten the scrotum with a hand, insert the palm of the other hand into the testicle, and then gently rub it, ending with a slight heat of the testicle. You can also choose our girls to get this kind of body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage the waist

Use palms on the same side of the waist and rub back and forth from top to bottom for about 2 minutes. Use deep warmth as a degree or make a fist with both hands. Use the back plane of both hands to alternately hit the waist with moderate intensity. Massage on each side for about 100 times.

Massage the feet

First lie down on the bed, pull both hands from the coaxial line up to the lumbar spine, go through the forearm fossa line to the head, cross your hands, palms upwards, two feet straight, two hands aligned straight from the top, hands stretched forward, upper body Bend forward, move the center of the foot with both hands, push the foot firmly, and use the opposite force of the hands and feet, and let go to restore the body to the supine position. Repeat this 10 times, or determine the number of times according to ability.

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