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Pay some attentions after a Massage in Dubai

We all know that in Dubai, massage can have a very good effect on the body, but if you don't pay more attention after the massage, it may also cause physical discomfort. So what should I pay attention to after the massage? Is there any difference between head/neck massage and a full body massage in Dubai?

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Keep your body warm

Be sure to keep warm after the massage. After the massage is over, the pores of the massaged area expand, and cold air can easily penetrate into the body through the opened pores, causing people to catch cold. Generally, rest in a place where the indoor temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius after the massage, and avoid direct blowing.

Replenish water

Replenish moisture in time after the massage. A Dubai Massage can speeds up the body's metabolism, and the body also needs more water. It is best to drink about 500ml of warm water within half an hour after the massage.

It is not advisable to take a bath immediately

After the massage, you need to take a bath to clean. Generally, it is best to take a bath every 4 hours after the massage, so as not to cause irritation on the skin and cause the open of pores and even make poor circulation of blood. In addition, hot water should be used in the bath to prevent the body from getting cold. Invasion of cold air causes disease.

Should not exercise right away

Do not exercise immediately after massage. Generally, you need to rest for a while after the Dubai massage at home, but the body does not feel tired or dizzy before getting up and moving, and the intensity of the activity should not be too high. It is best to do the exercise the next day, so that the relaxed muscles during the massage can rest directly.

How to care after massage

As mentioned above, improper care after massage can easily lead to a cold Long nails and wearing accessories, if you wear these things during massage, it is easy to get scratches. You must not take a shower immediately after the massage. Some people feel that the whole body is sweaty and uncomfortable after the massage, so they want to take a hot bath. At this time, it is easy to cause hypoxia in the stomach and brain of the body and easily cause a state of syncope. Therefore, avoid bathing in the first two hours and two hours after the massage. And massage can also help you tighten you face skin, especial for the dark circles.

Massage is an easy way to lose weight, but people can easily feel tired or sick during massage. If the body has a disease or is in menstruation or pregnancy, women can’t choose this method. In addition, after eating two meals. It is best not to massage within an hour, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the intestines and stomach.

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