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Massage Can Help You Relieve Migraines

In recent years, migraine has become one of the most common psychiatric headache diseases in Dubai, and it is common in children and middle-aged women. Due to the persistent severe headache at the onset of the disease, the patient is very uncomfortable. Nausea, vomiting, etc., there are many ways to treat migraine. Among them, a head massage or a full body massage in Dubai is very effective in treating migraine, so what are the methods of massage for migraine?

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First, migraine is divided into mild, moderate and severe conditions. For different conditions of the disease, we have to take different treatments. The first two generally relieve headaches through diet therapy, massage including Thai massage, Japanese Massage in Dubai and so on. You can also soak your feet in hot water every day. As for patients with more serious conditions, general massage therapy methods are no longer effective, and specific therapeutic drugs should be used to achieve pain relief by constricting cerebral blood vessels and inhibiting neural pain transmission.

Because the factors that induce migraine are very complex, we should pay more attention to preventive work in our daily life. In our daily life, we must maintain a normal mind, maintain a good mood at all times, prohibit the use of stimulant drugs such as stimulants, and take preventive measures regularly. If you are sick, it is necessary to take timely treatment, insist on taking medicine, and maintain a good attitude. By the massage, you can also get good effect for your lumbar muscle strain.

Migraine is a common disease nowadays. Although it is not necessarily fatal when it is ill, it is also very uncomfortable. Now I will talk about an experience of migraine relief. It may not cure all migraine headaches, but it is very effective when it is symptomatic. , its specific approach is:

1. Massage the head: Put the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger together, and massage according to the following three lines: from the forehead to the temple, then down to the cheek and finally massage to the chin.

2. Massage the eye sockets: Close your eyes slightly, use your two fingers to move from both eyes to the outside 10 times, then open your eyes and look straight ahead, while rotating your eyes to the left and right 5 times each.

Migraine Prevention:

1. Pay attention to keep warm:

Since migraines are induced by cold, it is necessary to keep the patient warm, especially the head. In winter, try to minimize staying outdoors for a long time, and try to stay indoors with a normal temperature. Some sports performed outdoors can also be adjusted to indoor or other sports. If you must go out, try to wear a hat and keep your head warm

2. Do not watch the computer and TV for a long time:

Due to the need for warmth of migraine patients, the time that patients stay indoors will become longer, which increases the probability of patients facing computer TV for a long time. However, it is not advisable for patients to face the computer TV for a long time, because they will be exposed to electromagnetic radiation when facing the computer screen for a long time, and the long-term electromagnetic radiation will cause the patient's eyes to fatigue. Internal movement, which eventually leads to a migraine attack.

3. Establish a good work and rest system and combine work and rest:

Patients should relax themselves, reduce the onset of migraine caused by mental stress, and avoid the occurrence of overwork. They can choose to take a warm bubble bath, do yoga and other relaxation exercises to avoid the onset of headaches. At the same time, patients should also maintain a quiet environment, maintain a regular work and rest, and sleep regularly, ensure that they go to bed on time, and ensure that they do not stay up late.

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