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Essential oil massage in Dubai to relieve dysmenorrhea

Women always have some uncomfortable days in every month, and they will have some many experience of dysmenorrhea, which is caused by the spasmodic contraction of the uterine muscles. So, women who like to use essential oils have dysmenorrhea, can they be treated with essential oil massage in Dubai? Is there any harm? For centuries, people have used essential oils to treat various ailments, such as headaches and stomach pains.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai Full Body
Dubai Massage Body to Body - Yuki

Today, these potent vegetable oils are gaining popularity again. Essential oils from plants give off a scent for aromatherapy, and essential oils can also be diluted onto the skin with a carrier oil. Note, however, that essential oils should not be taken orally, as some are poisonous.

There are actually two types of menstrual pain. One is congestive menstrual cramps, which start a few days before menstruation and spreads all over the abdomen; the other is cramping pain, throbbing in the pelvis or lower back. For these two types of menstrual pain, attention should be paid to avoid the occurrence of constipation. Women who experience pain in each menstrual period should consider adjusting their stomachs if they have constipation problems. During this period, we can choose the following essential oils to combine with a full body massage in Dubai: chamomile, cypress, geranium, lavender, sage, peppermint, marjoram, rose, rosemary

How to Use Essential Oils to Relieve Dysmenorrhea

If you want to use essential oils for menstrual cramps, massaging the affected area is considered the best method. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the lube. Carrier oils are neutral oils that help stretch strong oils and make them easier to use during the Dubai massage. Common carrier oils include: coconut, avocado, almond, extra virgin olive. Massage your abdomen at least a week before your period begins. By this kind of essential oil, you can also remove your dark circle from your eye.

Using lavender oil as an aromatherapy massage oil can greatly reduce menstrual pain and discomfort. Cinnamon is perhaps best known for its culinary uses, but the spice has been used to relieve ailments for centuries. Cinnamon essential oil is known to be a good material for reducing inflammation, and massaging the lower abdomen with cinnamon oil can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Use hot compress method: If the dysmenorrhea is very severe, you can lie down and apply it on the back, waist and abdomen. Use 4 drops of sage + 4 drops of marjoram + 3 drops of chamomile into water to relieve cramps and relieve dysmenorrhea.

Massage method: Formula 1: 2 drops of rose + 2 drops of chamomile + 4 drops of marjoram + 10 ml of base oil Formula 2: 2 drops of lavender + 2 drops of geranium + 1 drop of sage + 10ML of base oil (smear on the abdomen and near the waist every day for back, thighs, and abdomen are massaged clockwise by themselves).

Aromatherapy Bath: You can take 4 drops of geranium + 4 drops of orange blossom or 4 drops of rose + 4 drops of sage, for a total of 8 drops, take two baths during menstruation to help relieve dysmenorrhea and prevent vaginal infection and inflammation.

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