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Dubai Massage Helps You Relieve Back Pain

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In Dubai daily life, both men and women will have symptoms of low back pain. When they have low back pain, they will not only suffer from pain, but also hinder work and some activities. How to relieve low back pain? Introduce several Dubai massage at Home methods to relieve low back pain.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Japanese Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Girls - Yuki

Under normal circumstances, massage therapy is more effective for some low back pain, but in order to achieve the effect of massage, not only must choose the right place, but also pay attention to formal techniques, and many people have different degrees of stress on massage. For those who are stressed, do not try a massage that is as forceful and heavy as Thai massage.

Keep the upper body upright in the sitting position, place your hands on both sides of the waist, squeeze the muscles of the waist with both hands, and squeeze the muscles of the waist one by one. Put your thumb on the waist for massage, first rotate and press 20 times clockwise, and then reversely press 20 times counterclockwise to relax the muscles of the waist.

Lumbar muscle strain can reduce pain symptoms

There are many reasons for low back pain, and lumbar muscle strain is one of the most common low back pain symptoms in daily life. When you are overworked or use your waist for a long time, you may suffer from lumbar muscle strain, which will bring many unavoidable troubles and affect your normal study and work. Same as the beck massage, you can also enjoy a foot massage at home, it will also be so good for your body.

Massage therapy is effective for lumbar muscle strain. Full Body Massage in Dubai can speed up the blood circulation of the waist and release the tension of the muscles, thereby reducing the symptoms of low back pain.

Patients with lumbar muscle strain should pay attention to the fact that they cannot rely on massage therapy alone to solve their symptoms. They should also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, reduce the weight on the waist, and eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins, which can make the lumbar muscle strain uncomfortable. Symptoms improved sooner.

In order to prevent the symptoms of low back pain, you should exercise more in your daily life. You can often do some twisting exercises, or do yoga training, go out for jogging, walking backwards, etc., and you can do swallow flying exercises before going to bed. For some office ladies who often sit for a long time, it is best to get up and exercise after working for a period of time, doing chest expansion exercises, waist twisting or leaning back exercises.

Women are a group with more low back pain. During menstruation, miscarriage, childbirth, etc., women's waist may be injured, resulting in low back pain. Women should do a good job of keeping warm to prevent low back pain, whether in winter or summer.

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