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Daily Massage in Dubai to protect your stomach

The fast pace of Dubai modern life, high pressure, coupled with various bad living habits, eating habits, etc., have caused most modern people to be troubled by regular stomach problems. Nourishing the stomach has become a very important thing. Now most people sit down immediately after eating because they go to work or class, which causes bloating and indigestion. So a full body massage in Dubai will be a good method to protect your stomach.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage at Home
Dubai Massage Full Service - Yuki

Therefore, a healthy stomach is the foundation of health. In addition to allowing you to fully enjoy various delicious foods, a good stomach can also prevent you from being tortured by various stomach discomforts. Therefore, having a healthy good stomach will be such a happy thing. However, many people suffer from stomach problems due to irregular work and rest for a long time. Stomach disease is a very stubborn disease. Generally speaking, it can't be cured. So what is the best way to relieve it? So what should you do when you have bloating? , I will introduce for you below.

What are the causes of bloating

1. Eating too oily makes the intestines difficult to digest. A high-protein or high-fat diet can easily change the intestinal flora, which is not conducive to the survival of beneficial bacteria. If you consume too much greasy food, the body's lipase and protease will be overwhelmed until it is exhausted.

2. Eating too fast. It will make the chewing improperly, causing the digestive juice and food to not be fully stirred and mixed, and thus cannot be fully digested and decomposed, causing damage to the intestines.

3. Excessive pressure directly affects physiological function is abnormal intestinal function.

4. Unhygienic diet. Some bacteria produce toxins in the intestines, causing gastrointestinal diseases such as acute gastroenteritis.

5. Too little drinking water or too little fiber food intake can cause constipation and flatulence.

Body massage in Dubai will be an effective way. Before falling asleep every night, do a ten-minutes massage. Fold your hands on your belly, draw a circle with your belly button as the center, and use your palm 30 strokes to the left and 30 strokes to the right. Big. If things go on like this, it can effectively improve gastrointestinal function and lose weight! You can just make this Dubai Massage at home alone.

At the same time slow down the speed of eating. The way of eating gluttonously can easily lead to accumulation of food in the body, increase the burden on the stomach and slow down the speed of intestinal peristalsis. And if you eat too fast, the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the food will not be fully absorbed, which will cause a large loss of nutrients. Over time, the stomach and intestines will become imbalanced.

Eating slowly allows food to be better digested and absorbed, so that it will not stay in the intestines and cause blockage. It is recommended to eat at least 25 minutes of each meal, and it is best for the elderly to chew more than 20 times in one mouthful of meal. Because when food is chewed in the mouth, it can combine with saliva to produce salivary amylase, and this substance is the main driving force for digestion. It’s best to have a meal with family and friends and slow down. This helps to change the habit of eating too fast.

It should be noted that if the stomach is uncomfortable, massage will have a certain effect, but if the situation is very serious, it is absolutely necessary to go to a regular hospital for examination. For example, if we eat too much, the stomach will feel uncomfortable. At this time, we can press and massage the middle part of the stomach. This will quickly alleviate the uncomfortable. However, stomach discomfort caused by certain diseases, stomach pain massage may not be effective. It is better to seek medical treatment in time. And if you can also get some knowledge about the diet management, it will help you keep healthy.

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