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Dubai Massage and Diet Management for Men's Impotence

In Dubai, men grow up with age, and most of them have the problem of weakened sexual function, low libido, impotence, etc. So how can men enhance their sexual performance? There are many ways to aphrodisiac, including eating some health products, adjusting diet, self-massage, etc. Today I recommend some methods for men of Dubai Massage at Home, namely self-massage and nourishing aphrodisiac.

Nancy is from Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

Massage in Dubai Full Service
Dubai Massage Body to Body - Nancy

Self-massage aphrodisiac

1, groin massage

Before going to bed, put both hands on both sides of the groin (the base of the thigh). Gently massage 30 times with palms in an oblique direction. You can massage several times a week. It has a certain effect on enhancing libido and improving energy.

2, lower abdomen friction

Before going to bed, put one hand under the belly button, above the pubic bone, in the lower abdomen, and place the other hand on the waist. Consciously feel warm in the abdomen. By this kind of massage, you can also get some effects of treating gastroptosis perhaps.

3, rub the testicles

Warm your hands, first hold the two testicles with your right hand, so that the right testicle is on the palm of your hand, and the left testicle is on the ribs of your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Then gently rub it, turning right and left 30-50 times. It should be slightly sore and painless. Then rub gently with the left hand as above. These 3 kinds of massage in Dubai can be really helpful for your body.

Men's aphrodisiac food pairing

After middle age, the libido gradually declines. If supplemented from food, it is effective and easy to do.

Investigation studies have confirmed: Men who eat vegetarian food for a long time will not have enough vitamin B12, which affects sexual function. When male fatty acid intake is insufficient, sperm production is disturbed, libido is decreased, and even infertility is caused. Therefore, to enhance sexual function, fat intake should be moderate. Meat, fish, poultry and eggs and other foods can increase the level of male hormones in the body, especially in animal organs, which contain adrenal cortex hormones, which are beneficial to increase the body's sperm volume and promote sperm production.

Arginine contains more arginine, and arginine has the effect of eliminating fatigue and improving sexual function. Foods with high arginine content and large amounts of slippery substances include turtles, eels, eels, cuttlefish, octopus, earthworms, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, seaweed and peas. Frozen tofu contains the highest amount of arginine, followed by other soy products. The taurine contained in meat and fish has the effect of promoting sperm motility. Eating more of these foods is undoubtedly beneficial to male sexual function.

The main vitamins related to sexual function are vitamin B12, A, C and E.

The above is the related content of men's massage of food tonic and impotence. After reading it, do you want to try it? Full Body Massage in Dubai is simple and easy to operate. It not only has an aphrodisiac effect, but also has an effect on strengthening the body. Remember to massage more when you have time; eat more kidney and aphrodisiac foods and add enough protein, especially foods containing zinc, such as oysters and herring.

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