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Dubai Massage Can Help You to Treat Gastroptosis

Stomach disease is a common disease in daily life, and gastroptosis is a kind of gastric disease. Generally, mild gastroptosis is usually asymptomatic, and those with moderate or above often have symptoms of poor gastrointestinal motility and indigestion. Gastroptosis is a kind of gastric disease. If you want a healthy stomach, you must treat it in time.

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Patients who have been diagnosed with gastroptosis can achieve a certain degree of relief through the following massage and diet therapy. So how to massage treatment of gastroptosis? What to eat to treat gastroptosis? The following introduces several Dubai massage at home methods to help patients with gastroptosis. If you are troubled by gastroptosis, you might as well take a look. For your reference.

The busy life makes young people in Dubai basically suffer from stomach diseases, most of which are caused by their irregular daily diet and unbalanced dietary nutrition. Stomach disease is a chronic disease that can only be temporarily relieved by drug treatment. In addition, it takes a long time to take medicine. Therefore, in daily life, we should find a way to assist in the treatment of gastric disease. A Full Body Massage in Dubai or other treatments to alleviate the symptoms of gastroptosis.

First of all, gastroptosis has a great influence on the receptor position, and it feels better when lying down. Once standing or sitting, the upper and middle abdomen will have obvious dull pain and the feeling of abdominal distension will increase. When a person is in a standing position, the lower edge of the stomach reaches the pelvic cavity, which is called gastroptosis. Among 10,000 people undergoing imaging examinations of the upper gastrointestinal tract, almost 1 in 10 young women suffer from gastroptosis. Being in a state of tension for a long time, practicing the wrong way to lose weight to keep in shape, and eating irregularly are the main reasons that cause gastroptosis in young women around the age of 20.

Secondly, it takes 5 to 6 hours for general food to stay in the stomach, so that the food, stomach acid, digestive enzymes, etc. are fully mixed to form a semi-pasty chyme, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the small intestine. For patients with gastroptosis, if they walk around immediately after a meal, it will aggravate the damage to the stomach and small intestine from the food and easily cause indigestion or abdominal pain. If things go on like this, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease will be secondary. Therefore, patients with gastroptosis should lie on their backs for a while after meals to reduce the occurrence of the above complications.

1, get up early and go to bed late, lie on your back in bed, straighten your feet and relax your whole body. Shut up, inhale slowly with your nose for 3 ~ 5 seconds, consciously lift and contract your abdominal muscles slowly, and then exhale slowly to restore your abdominal muscles slowly. Between breathing and exhaling, abdominal muscle tension is enhanced. Massage 20 times each time. Not only the stomach massage, but also a full body massage can provide more than you think to you!

2, after dinner. Sit still for 20 minutes, then lie flat on the bed, close your eyes and feel your stomach slowly retract. Put the palm in the abdominal area under the umbilicus and slowly and gently rub the abdomen above the abdomen in a counterclockwise direction for about 30 minutes.

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