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Improve lumbar muscle strain by a Dubai massage at home

In Dubai, lumbar muscle strain is no longer the patent of the elderly, and many young people also suffer from lumbar muscle strain. Lumbar muscle strain is a strange orthopedic disease. It can be relieved by rest when the pain occurs, but if you rest for too long, you will feel uncomfortable and need a little activity to relieve it. In addition to pain, lumbar muscle strain will also have other symptoms, which will affect people's normal life and work in severe cases. Therefore, it is very important to find a way to relieve lumbar muscle strain. By our experience, a full body massage in Dubai can really give you amazing effect.

Nancy is from Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

Dubai Massage at Home
Dubai Nuru Massage - Nancy

What are the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain?

1. Weakness of the waist

Patients with lumbar muscle strain usually have symptoms of low back weakness, and there is no obvious tenderness. A little carelessness will make the waist feel sprained, and at the same time, the symptoms will be aggravated, and the mobility of the waist will also be limited.

2. Can't bend over to work for a long time

Patients with lumbar muscle strain will also have symptoms of being unable to bend over to work for a long time. Otherwise, the symptoms of pain will be aggravated, and they need to stretch the waist or hit the waist with a fist to relieve the pain.

3. The symptoms of pressing the tender points are alleviated

Due to the pain caused by lumbar muscle strain, there will be fixed tender points in the painful area, and the patient's pain will be relieved when the tender point is tapped. Most of the pain points caused by lumbar muscle strain will occur in the muscles near the starting point.

4, have a sense of weight

If the lumbar muscle strain occurs repeatedly, there will be a sense of weight-bearing in the waist. In severe cases, there will be swelling and tightness in the waist, and this feeling is sometimes heavy and sometimes light, and it will always appear from time to time. It will affect the patient's life and work.

What can be done to relieve the symptoms caused by lumbar muscle strain?

1. Massage the waist

Rubbing the waist can effectively relieve the discomfort caused by the strain of the lumbar muscles. When rubbing the waist, use both hands to massage the left and right waist. When the waist feels hot, it can relieve the discomfort. Generally, each massage is enough for 5 minutes. And if you have more time, you can really try some kinds of deep tissue massage in Dubai, you can get better experience,.

2. Massage the back

When the back is stiff due to lumbar muscle strain, you can relieve the symptoms by hitting the back. When using this method to relieve the symptoms, half clench your hands into fists, and then hit the depression in the waist. Don't use too much force, usually 10 minutes each time you hit.

3. Waist flexion and extension

The lumbar flexion and extension exercise can also relieve the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain. First of all, it is advisable to separate the two feet as far as the shoulder width, and then put both hands on the waist. After preparing for the work, bend the waist forward, then stretch it back, and repeat the cycle several times to relax the muscles of the waist. This effectively relieves symptoms. This kind of massage is also good for treating constipation.

Correct standing can also relieve the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain. Open your legs to the width of your shoulders, and then put your hands into your back to massage the muscles of your back. The massage should be done lightly to avoid mild pain. Stop when the waist is slightly hot.

Physical therapy and drug therapy can only relieve the symptoms caused by lumbar muscle strain. The significance of prevention is much greater than that of treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of lumbar muscle strain and fundamentally prevent the occurrence of lumbar muscle strain. There are many reasons for lumbar muscle strain, such as long-term heavy physical labor, disease factors and so on. Excessive physical labor can cause damage to the patient's lower back, such as fiber breakage, bleeding and oozing. In addition, diseases such as aseptic inflammation of the psoas fascia and congenital spinal deformities may also cause the appearance of psoas muscle strain.

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