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Dubai Massage Is Helpful in Treating Constipation

Massage is helpful in treating constipation. Among the many methods of treating constipation, body massage in Dubai is the most widely used one. Usually, repeated massage is performed on the colon in a clockwise direction. As long as the massage reaches a certain level, the symptoms of constipation can be relieved. However, the intensity of massage should be appropriate, otherwise it will be difficult to work.

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In life, if you encounter the problem of constipation, you will not only feel embarrassed, but also have a great impact on your health. If you are constipated for a long time, various adverse symptoms will also appear, such as weight gain, hemorrhoids, etc. At this time, many people will use massage to relieve the condition, so does massage help treat constipation?

1. Can massage help treat constipation?

If you suffer from constipation, the full body massage in Dubai can improve the symptoms. There are many ways to treat constipation, and massage is one of them. You can repeatedly massage the colon in a clockwise manner. After massaging to a certain extent, the symptoms of constipation can be relieved. This massage can promote intestinal peristalsis and speed up the excretion of feces. Patients can massage on their own or with the help of their family members. The force must be appropriate, and the pressure must not be too light, otherwise it will have no effect, but it should not be too forceful, otherwise it will cause skin damage.

2. Massage which parts can treat constipation

1. Massage the ventral side

First of all, keep the supine position, put both hands on the ventral lateral side of the same side, and then use the base of the palm to push down from the position of the rib to the groin, and massage 30 to 50 times repeatedly, which is not only effective Relieves the problem of constipation and is also very helpful for weight loss.

2. Massage around the navel

Massaging around the navel is also very helpful for improving constipation. Or keep the supine position, overlap the palm of the right hand and the back of the palm of the left hand, put the palm of the left hand next to the navel, and then do a clockwise circular massage around the navel. ~50 times. This massage method can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, so that the stool can be discharged as soon as possible.

3. Massage the lower abdomen

Massaging the lower abdomen can treat constipation, or overlap the palm of the right hand and the back of the left hand, place the palm of the left hand on the lower abdomen, and massage in a clockwise circular motion for 1 to 3 minutes. When massaging, it is necessary to use appropriate force to feel the skin heat. By massaging the lower abdomen, it can regulate the function of the stomach and intestines, and it can also exercise the tension of the abdominal muscles. Persistence can relieve the condition of chronic constipation. By the help of massage, you can also lift your mood in daily life.

In general, although constipation is not a serious disease, it should also be paid attention to. In daily life, we should eat more food that relaxes the bowels, does more exercise to help the gastrointestinal digestive system to peristalize and digest, and eat less food that stimulates the stomach and irritates the stomach. Only by ensuring normal bowel movements can we ensure that Toxins in the body can be excreted in time.

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