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Massage 10 minutes one day to drive your fat away

In Dubai, Massage is one of the ways to lose weight, it would be both quick and effective, the important thing is that there is no side effect. There are many types of massage in Dubai, such as Body to body massage, Essential oil massage, and according to the obesity problem in different parts, different massage methods are needed. Slimming massage can consume and remove a large amount of lipid substances in the blood vessel wall, dilate capillaries, increase blood flow, and improve micro-circulation, which can not only reduce the burden on the heart, but also help to enhance the body's disease resistance.

Therefore, massage weight loss surgery can not only achieve weight loss, but also enhance physical fitness to make you younger. It is a good method for obese people to get rid of pain as soon as possible and restore bodybuilding. It is used by many beauty salons in conjunction with drinking during weight loss, which can help customers achieve the purpose of accelerating weight loss and conditioning the body. let's take a look at the massage weight loss method.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai massage home service
Miya, sexy massage girl in Dubai

First, massage or tap the parts you want to lean, stimulate the sympathetic nerves, and enhance the activation of the slightly degrading enzyme "activated ester" to break down a small number of cells in the desired lean parts into free fatty acids that are easily burned. , And excreted through the blood, so it achieves a good local slimming effect.

Massage-decomposition massage for 3 minutes

1, thigh

Sit in a chair with your left foot slightly forward and massage your stiff thighs and loose muscles for 3 minutes, then massage your calf from top to bottom for 3 minutes. It can promote the running of blood in the legs and eliminate the problem of puffiness.

Action 1

Put your hands on the right leg, and use your fingers to rub or beat the loose excess meat or excessively tight muscles on the thigh to stimulate the outer side of the stiff thigh and the loose thigh wrap.

Action 2

Gently fist with both hands, beat or press the thigh vigorously, and massage the part from step to step.

2, arms

Action 1

Relax the front side of the arm, do not force, massage the arm part. Raise the right arm to be parallel to the floor, use the palm of your left hand to grasp the slack excess meat of the right arm, and press or knead or twist to stimulate the aunt with excess arm. The other hand does the same.

Action 2

The left arm is raised, and the right hand clenches fist gently, knocking the muscle on the left arm well.

3, the main shaft

Action 1

Note: Keeping the face and waist toward the front is the key to this action.

Action 2

The arms of both hands hang naturally, clamping the arm socket, and then move up and down slightly. At this time, only the shoulder is moving, the neck should not be retracted, and the front should not be bent.

4, chest

Straighten the waist bar, straighten the arms with both hands down, open slightly, and place them on the front of the thighs, and then move the arms closer to the middle of the body. When the hands are about to touch, quickly separate, just like a tennis match Referee action in the "in-ball". Repeat this action quickly for 30 seconds.

5, wrist

Action 1: The palm rotates back and forth

Straighten the waist, straighten the arms with both hands downward, open slightly, and place it in front of a section of the thigh. The palm and the back of the hand cross quickly back and forth. When doing the movement, the whole arm should be turned together.

Action 2: Straighten the waist

Straighten the arms with both hands downward, open slightly, and place it in front of a section of the thigh. Move the wrist to make the palm down, and then move the wrist to make the back of the hand down. Only move the wrist and palm, flip the palm up and down quickly.


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