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Some Dubai Massage Tips Make You Younger

In Dubai, for female friends, who are seeking charm and youth, you must correctly understand the essence of health, because only health can bring you happiness. The main goal of health maintenance is anti-aging, so do you know what to do to anti-aging? So today I bring you some methods about Dubai full body massage health care, come and learn it!

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Dubai Massage Full Service
Ayumi, most sexy girl in Dubai

Four body massage in Dubai health tips

1. Sole of foot

Bubble feet in life are a good way to maintain health, if you can do an essential oil massage in Dubai properly, the effect becomes more prominent. The foot pedal has many core area related to human health, and there are 6 most important area starting and ending on the foot. The foot has sufficient contact with the brain and heart, and balances the contact function of various organs of the human body.

Therefore, the foot is called the "second heart" of a person. Regular foot massage, would active blood gas on the soles of the feet, more walking or stepping on pebbles, soaking feet with warm water, etc. can help promote blood circulation of the legs, adjust the balance of your body, prevent disease, and have the effect of fitness and longevity.

2. Armpit

Although many locations are unremarkable, they are of great significance for health. The armpits have lymph nodes and many sweat glands. At the same time, the capillaries and nerves are very rich. This shows that the armpits are the secret of fitness and anti-aging. Massage the armpits frequently. Although some people are afraid of itching, when the armpits are stimulated, it will make people size, and at the same time promote blood circulation, so that each organ can get sufficient oxygen and nutrient exchange, which has a great effect on enhancing the function of the organ. This "armpit exercise" is particularly effective in combating aging, and massages the armpits 3 times a day for 5 minutes each time.

3. Chest

The thymus of the front chest controls one of the most important immune organs in the body's immune system. Frequent rubbing massage on the front chest can enhance its own immunity. Rub the front chest up and down with the palm of your hand every day to massage the points of the heart fossa 100 ~ 200 times. The function of self-defense and dispelling illness and prolonging life. Enhancing disease resistance and infection resistance has a certain effect on delaying aging.

4. Spine

Physical pain appears to Japanese medicine to be an unfavorable manifestation of blood, especially in Dubai, and sedentary office workers often cannot escape such problems. Because the spine is the area that nourishes the organs of the whole body and is the place where the human veins pass. Once the meridian of the spine and cylinder is closely related to the internal organs of the spine, regular massage in Dubai of the spine can stimulate the smoothness of the meridian, promote the operation of blood gas and effectively nourish Body organs to overcome anti-aging works.

Anti-aging food

Massage in Dubai has such a effective contribution of making girls younger, and on the other hand, food is also helpful for that.

Anti-aging food one: fish meat

Recommended reason: Can eat a lot of protein in fish meat, and green peppers and red peppers are the most vitamin C-rich foods (100 grams of green peppers contain 100 mg of vitamin C), and the most abundant vitamin E foods are nuts (such as pine nuts) .

Anti-aging food 2: Carassius auratus

Recommended reason: Crucian carp is rich in comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the skin's elastic fiber composition. Especially for early wrinkles caused by mental factors such as stress and lack of sleep, it has a unique relief effect.

Anti-aging food 3: broccoli

Recommended reason: Broccoli oxidant antioxidant vitamin C and carotene, cruciferous vegetables have been proven by scientists to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food, and fish is the best source of protein.

Anti-aging food 4: winter melon

Recommended reason: Winter melon ingests rich vitamin C, which can fully moisturize the skin's collagen and elastic fibers. Regular consumption can effectively resist the formation of early wrinkles and make the skin soft and smooth.

Anti-aging food 5: onions

Recommended reason: onions can clear blood, reduce plasma, and anti-aging, and seafood can provide a lot of protein, while zinc.

Anti-aging food 6: tofu

Recommended reason: In addition to fish and shrimp, tofu is also a very good source of protein. At the same time, legume foods contain a chemical called isoflavones, which reduces the space for estrogen activity. Cancer, can often eat beans.

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