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Dubai Body Massage Makes You Younger

Now, Dubai is the era of network informatization. The power of science and technology is huge. Through the network, we can understand all kinds of things without leaving home, and work is also inseparable from the network. But working on a computer every day, especially in Dubai, the body can not exercise, resulting in the body getting older. There are many anti-aging methods in life, a full body massage in Dubai is one of the best method. Let's have a look on massage playing an anti-aging effect.

Cici is from Malaysia, she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai for you. Cici 's body is amazing as you can see from the photo gallery.

Body massage in Dubai
Cici, sexy massage girl in Dubai

Massage these parts on your body to make you younger and younger

1. Face

If a person is young or aging, it can be seen by looking at the face. The face can be said to be the most intuitive part of the young. In many people's concepts, the face is smooth and wrinkle-free, and it is often the expression of youth. On the contrary, the face The part is rough and there are many wrinkles, which is a sign of aging. Facial massage is also a method of showing youth. By the face massage in Dubai, it can effectively restore the skin of the face, and it has a good effect on showing the contour of the face and increasing the smoothness of the face.

The appearance of wrinkles on the forehead is something that many people are more worried about. In normal times, you can gently massage the eye sockets on both sides with the palms of your hands and continuously push it from the bottom to the hairline of the forehead. It is very good for eliminating wrinkles on the forehead. effect.

When you massage your face, you must gradually apply force, from light to heavy, continuously stimulating the deep part of the subcutaneous tissue, improve blood tissue, and promote body oxidation, which can increase the nutrition of eye tissue and effectively delay aging.

2. Spine

The importance of the spine to health is self-evident. If the spine is damaged, it will often cause a person to have difficulty in moving, and then will become paralyzed. Some workers who have been sitting for a long time should protect the spine, for example, office workers, drivers, etc., sitting for a long time, it is easy to cause the spine to feel sore. Don't neglect to maintain the spine.

The spine is a particularly important part of the body. This part is the indispensable place for the body to control the veins. It is very helpful for the body to recuperate. Once the spine is affected, it often evolves many serious illnesses.

Appropriate massage of the spine can regulate the muscles on both sides of the body, is very effective in promoting blood circulation, and can nourish the whole body, exercise the vitality of the spine, avoid spine aging, and is very effective for anti-aging.

3. Legs and feet

Legs massage and feet in life is a matter that many people overlook. In fact, massage legs and feet is very helpful for body health and can also achieve the purpose of delaying aging.

In terms of legs, it is an important part of the body. Some people will say that the old legs are older, which means that the legs are more likely to show the aging side. Many elderly people are very healthy in their old age, and other parts are very healthy, only the legs, It must be supported by crutches, which undoubtedly requires everyone's attention.

Massage the feet in the normal time is very effective to promote the blood flow of the feet and activate the vitality of the feet. When soaking the feet, you can massage the feet. In normal times, you can also step on the pebbles appropriately. Disease prevention, physical fitness, and anti-aging all have good effects. I hope everyone will pay more attention to it. Not only for making you younger, massage can also make your chest fuller than before.

These foods can also help you fight aging

1. Lemon

Lemon is a kind of fruit with sweet, sweet and nutritious coexistence. The lemon is rich in nutrients such as citric acid and vitamin C. Both of these substances are important components required for human growth and are beneficial to enhance physical fitness. The vitamin C contained in it is also an important antioxidant. After being ingested by the body, it can decompose the free radicals and melanin produced by skin metabolism to prevent its deposition, which is beneficial to whitening the skin.

In addition, this vitamin C substance can also promote amino acid synthesis of collagen, which is also an effective way to enhance skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles, so women who love beauty may wish to eat more lemons in their daily life. Method, in addition, if you can't stand the sour taste of lemon, you can also add some honey to increase the sweetness.

2. Soy

Soybean is a nutritious bean food. At the same time, for women, eating soy often can effectively maintain the health of women's skin. Soy is rich in vitamin E, which can eliminate free radicals in the body and effectively prevent damage to the skin.

Soybean also contains isoflavones, which is a phytoestrogen, which can protect the skin and prevent melanin production.

3. Salmon

Salmon is a relatively common fish meat in Western food. It not only has a unique taste, but also contains rich nutritional value. Salmon contains a fatty acid component, which can effectively keep the skin in a moisturized state after being ingested by the human body. This is also an effective ingredient for nourishing the skin and preventing wrinkles. So eating more salmon can make the skin in a tender and tender state.

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