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Dubai Body Massage Can Make the Chest Fuller

In Dubai, all the men love the sexy body girl of course, and on the other hand, girls would like to own the sexy body for sure. Among girl's body, chest is an important sexual feature, and this is the most dazzling part. Many people think that the chest can simply play a role in breastfeeding. In fact, the chest has a very important meaning for women, especially the chest has a great influence on the female body.

In addition, the chest is healthy is also very important for women. Want to make your chest stand out more? Let's take a look at the method of body massage in Dubai to make the chest fuller.

Jolin is from Thai, she owns the most beautiful chest and she is good at the body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai massage full service
Jolin, most sexy girl in Dubai

Massage to increase chest skills

1: From outside to inside

Combine your hands with four fingers, touch the lower edge of the chest with your palms and fingertips, and then slide your hands from the outside to the inside for massage until the dryness of the maintenance product disappears. At this time, the maintenance product has been absorbed. This massage step can effectively improve chest expansion.

2: From bottom to top

Combine the four fingers of both hands, wrap the outer edges of the chest with the palms and fingers, and then slide the hands from the bottom to the top, while pushing the underarm fats inwards until the maintenance products are completely absorbed. This massage step can effectively prevent the sagging of the chest. Dubai full body massage helps improve the phenomenon of breast hyperplasia.

3: Rotate to beat the lower edge

Combine your hands with four fingers, and then beat the bottom edge of the chest from bottom to top until the product is absorbed. This massage step can effectively improve the sagging of the chest. Not only good for make your chest fuller, Massage in Dubai can also helps you release your fatigue.

The best time for massage to enlarge the chest

1. Morning

Early getting up early and proper massage can effectively promote blood circulation, the specific method is from the neck position to the shoulder position of the palm to the armpit direction, and then massage from the nipple to the surrounding area to clear the lymph nodes.

2. After bathing

After bathing, the body is at a higher temperature. At this time, the body's blood circulation is the fastest and the massage effect is the best. Before massage, you can apply the corresponding breast massage cream and start massage along the chest.

3. Before going to bed

A few minutes of massage before going to bed can also achieve a beautiful breast enhancement effect. From the nipple to the breast, massage all the way to the armpits with moderate intensity.

4. 11-13 days after menstruation

This is the best breast enhancement period. The breast enhancement effect of massage these days is much higher than usual! Using the correct massage techniques can help you quickly raise the cup.

Your chest is also very delicate, if you want to enlarge your chest health, massage is the best choice, so the massage breast enhancement techniques and the best time introduced by the editor above must be remembered.

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