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How to Treat Periarthritis with Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, there are a large number of desk workers now. They use their computers to finish their work every day. This will cause great damage to their cervical spine and shoulders. Over time, it will cause diseases such as periarthritis . If you suffer from periarthritis of the shoulder, it will cause great distress to your life, such as heavy insomnia. Although massage will have a good effect for insomnia, we still need to protect our bodies.

After suffering from periarthritis of shoulder, the impact of pain is not small. So what to do if you have periarthritis of the shoulder? Frozen shoulder is one of the common orthopaedic diseases. Frozen shoulder can cause great harm to patients. Frozen shoulder patients often need to endure great pain. Many white-collar workers now suffer from periarthritis of the shoulder, also known as fifty shoulders, because the disease often occurs around the age of 50. So, how to treat periarthritis of the shoulder? Let's take a look at full body massage methods and self-therapy.

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What are the effects of suffering from periarthritis of the shoulder?

1. The weather changes and the condition becomes worse: Patients with symptoms of periarthritis often feel pain at night or when the weather changes and becomes cold, which seriously affects the patient's life and work.

2. Pain: This is the most obvious symptom of patients with periarthritis. Patients always think that if they can tolerate a small amount of pain or inflexible shoulder movements, take a little rest and stop using it. Will reduce a lot.

3. Affect sleep: Patients with periarthritis of the shoulders are not treated in a timely manner and dragged on for one day. Originally, the shoulders felt pain only when they moved; then they became painful even at night, which affected the patients' sleep.

4. Affecting the details of life: Pain in the shoulder joint prevents the patient from lifting and grabbing the handrails in the subway car, and even the ladies are unable to comb their hair, buckle the skirt, dry clothes, and other details that seriously affect life. Over time, If it is right-handed and right shoulder periarthritis, it will cause considerable inconvenience to daily life and work.

How to do a full body massage in Dubai with shoulder periarthritis?

Many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the disease of the periarthritis of the shoulder, which leads to the inability to detect it in time when the disease appears, because it does not get timely treatment, which causes more pain in the body. Frozen shoulder is not a disease that is difficult to return to normal. You only need to master the correct massage method, which can not only relieve the pain well, but also restore the body to health.

Massage is one of the most important ways to treat periarthritis of the shoulder.

The specific method is as follows: the patient is done well, and then the hand with periarthritis is relaxed. The doctor grabs the patient's pen with one hand and then massages with the other hand.

The focus of the massage should be on the front of the shoulders and on the inside of the deltoid muscles and upper arms. If the patient is afraid of pain, it will cause tension in the muscles around the shoulder. At this time, you can choose the supine position, and then slightly expand and bend the diseased hand to about 90 degrees, then massage.

The Dubai massages, outside of the patient's shoulders and underarms with one hand, and the other hand needs to passively extend and contract with the hand with periarthritis. It should be noted that the lifting movement must be stable, and the speed cannot be too fast, and the amplitude of the movement can be gradually increased, but it must not be too rough, otherwise it may easily cause severe pain.

In addition to the above massage method, there is a second massage method. This massage should have the patient sit on a stool, and the doctor should stand on the opposite side. You should first apply an appropriate amount of talcum powder to the affected area and then massage it. This massage method is mainly used alternately by rubbing, pressing, massage and swinging. Generally speaking, the massage time will be controlled in about twenty minutes.

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