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10 good ways to treat insomnia in Dubai

Nowadays, in Dubai, as we know, the pace of life is accelerating. Many people are under various pressures, which leads to an increase in the number of insomnia in Dubai. I believe that many people have experienced lying down on the bed and turning over and over for hours without sleeping, and more severely they will stay overnight.

Insomnia is very depressing, and it is not good for our health and affects our mood. So what to do about insomnia? First I will tell you that, the full body massage in Dubai is the best method for that. So what are the other treatments for insomnia? Follow me to understand it.

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What are the methods of treating insomnia?

1, full body massage in Dubai

You may wish to perform a self-massage before bedtime. For example, massage the scalp can promote scalp blood circulation, relax nerves, eliminate fatigue, improve head nutrition and oxygen supply. This has a good effect on back pain or your other parts pain.

Massage the face helps to remove the skin's aging cuticle and accelerates metabolism. Massage the abdomen is helpful for gastrointestinal digestion and fat metabolism, and prevents the "fat" of the abdomen. It does not take much time for each massage, and it will work for a long time. So massage in Dubai is the best way of treating insomnia.

2, choose a good bed

First of all, the height of the bed should be slightly higher than the person's knee. The ideal cushion is preferably a hard board with a soft and hard mattress, so that the human spine can be maintained in a normal physiological state, so as to ensure sleep comfort.

3, choose a good pillow

The human neck is the weakest part of the human body. If the pillow is too high or too low, it will affect the natural relaxation of the neck muscles. Therefore, the pillow can only make the head slightly higher than the body. The height is controlled at 9-15 cm. should.

4, hot water soak feet

Wash your feet with hot water before falling asleep, which can promote the expansion of blood vessels in your feet and speed up blood circulation. There are many acupuncture points on the feet, and hot water stimulation can play a good role in health care, especially those who suffer from insomnia and varicose veins. Washing feet with hot water can also reduce symptoms and make it easier to fall asleep.

5, covered

Sleep must be warm and sweet, but the quilt should not be too thick or heavy, otherwise it will put the body under a certain pressure and prevent the body from relaxing and resting. In addition, do not wear tights when sleeping, otherwise it will affect sleep.

6, get enough water

After falling asleep at night, people will have increased blood viscosity due to dehydration such as breathing, urination, and sweating. Therefore, it is a high-risk time for cerebral infarction before waking up. Therefore, you should have water before bed and wake up at night and When you get up in the morning, you can add water in time, which can play a role in health care and disease prevention.

7, use food to help sleep

You can drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed. Don't drink coffee or green tea before bed to stimulate food or drinks. You can add food to help you sleep at dinner.

8, use pillows to help sleep

Some people find it difficult to fall asleep because of a serious lack of security. When sleeping, they like to hide in the bed or use other methods to hide themselves. For such a situation, you can try to hold a pillow or plush when there is no quilt. Things like toys.

9, exercise

For those who have difficulty falling asleep for a long time, exercise is a very good method. Running, skipping, and badminton are all very good choices, but remember not to do too intense exercise.

10, improve sleeping position

The most important thing to sleep is to relax. You don't have to be as restrained as sitting in the classroom or office when you lie in bed. You can find a sleeping position that you think is the most comfortable and relaxing, and then fall asleep easily.

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