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What causes low back pain and how to relieve it?

In Dubai, so many men have the old problem of back pain. Often, back pain will affect work and life. Many people will have back pain. So what is the reason for back pain in men? What are the ways to relieve back pain? Maybe in your mind, an easy body massage can solve the problem. Today I will recommend several methods for treating back pain. If you want to learn it, just follow me to see it!

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5 reasons for back pain

Backache is not an independent disease or even a symptom. Many causes of backache are also very complicated. The common causes of backache are roughly divided into the following five types.

Reason one:

Such as lumbar muscle strain, myofiberitis, and local injuries caused by bruises, sprains, bleeding, edema, adhesions and muscle bruises.

Reason two:

Such as rheumatoid spondylitis, osteoporosis, tuberculous spondylitis, spinal trauma and lumbar disc herniation.

Reason three:

Such as spinal cord compression, acute myelitis, radiculitis, spinal cord tumors and other low back pain.

Reason four:

Such as nephritis, urinary tract infections in the elderly, urinary calculi, cholecystitis, gallbladder stones, pancreatitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, prostatitis, endometritis, appendicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Tumors can also be causes lumbosacral pain, female patients are often accompanied by corresponding gynecological symptoms.

Reason five :

As caused by mental illness. For example, patients with rickets may also complain of back disease, but in fact, objective signs, or objective examinations and subjective narratives cannot be explained by knowledge of physiology, anatomy and pathology. Such back pain is often a manifestation of rickets.

7 ways to relieve back pain

1. Correct sitting posture

In the car, drivers often relax themselves, nesting their entire bodies into chairs and turning them into C-shaped spines. This poor posture will excessively pull down the back ligament and press the nerves of the nearby spine, causing back pain. Try to move your feet back as often as possible, so that the spine steadily falls on the lumbar joint, and the lower back is straightened. It is natural to form a habit. Or sit in a chair with a small 3-inch thick pillow on the lower cushion.

The correct sitting position when driving should align the seat, and the cushion should be properly moved to the steering wheel, so that the steering wheel is as close to the chest as possible, while the knee flexion is reduced, and the excessive slope is reduced. The height of the joints, such a posture, will not easily cause low back pain even if the car is out for a longer time.

2. Avoid sedentary

When driving, the body is in a static and rigid state, which can easily cause poor blood circulation and low back pain. Then you need to avoid sitting repeatedly. If you can get off the car every 1 hour, it will not prevent you from stopping. Move down to the lower bones. Why not turn on the soothing music in the car when you are in a traffic jam, etc., sit upright, lift your chest and abdomen, and take time to do exercises.

3. Hot waist

People traveling on long-distance driving often experience symptoms of back pain, which is caused by continuously maintaining a posture to drive or the seat leaning at an inclined angle. This method can be avoided by using traditional Chinese massage and other methods, while massaging key parts of the waist.

This area is located in the depression of the 4th lumbar spinous process at the posterior midline of the apex, and is a common site for treating lumbar diseases. Those who have returned from a self-driving tour can lie on the bed and apply a hot towel to a key part of the waist for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also ask relatives or friends or go to a professional massage center to help you massage your waist in Dubai. Pressing for 3 to 10 minutes at a time can help improve the symptoms of waist pain.

In Dubai, massage can stimulate muscles and tissues, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, while also soothing muscles and nerves, helping muscles and muscles absorb nutrients and vitamins. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light body and improve muscle tightness or axial cracks. Not only for the back, massage is also benefit for your beauty such as removing the dark circles.

5. Diet therapy

Followed by vitamin B6, B1, B12, vitamin D, folic acid and other fat-soluble vitamins to prevent deficiency, you should eat rice bran, bran, carrots, cod liver oil, yeast, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Daily calcium supplementation cannot add 1 gram, and soy contains a large amount of calcium. It is recommended to eat more soy products. Because 500 grams of tofu, the calcium content is between 1.1-1.5 grams. This alone can maintain daily calcium.

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