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How to do a foot massage in Dubai at home

In Dubai, foot massage is a very popular way of wellness in recent years. In fact, there are more key areas on the soles of the feet, which are the reflection areas of various organs. Proper massage and stimulation can help accelerate metabolism, and then discharge waste toxins, achieving the effect of health care and health care. However, if you want to make yourself healthier by massaging your feet, you need to master the correct massage method. According to the method described below, you can also have a good body massage at home in Dubai.

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Preparation before massage:

1. Choose a suitable location. Take off your shoes and socks and lie face up. In this way, during the massage, the feet and ankles can be made to make some different movements.

2. Cover the rest of the lower body with a towel. Doing this will prevent the cream or oil from spilling out.

3. Soak your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes. You can add aromatherapy oils or foaming gels to the water if you like. Gently massaging your feet can both remove dirt and relax. Dry with a towel after soaking.

4. Choose a cream, oil, or lotion. Creams are thicker than lotions, so they are better for foot massage. Essential oils can soften calluses on the soles of your feet. You can buy creams and oils designed specifically for foot massage at many beauty stores. Or a homemade creamy oil blend for foot massage. Add fragrance if you like: some popular combinations are lemon and eucalyptus, lavender, or almond and vanilla. If you have chance to massage your chin, you also need some essential oil or cream.

Basic Foot Massage Method

1. Grasp the soles of the feet with both hands. Slowly massage from the ball of the foot to the heel. Appropriately increase the strength when approaching the heel. Then slowly knead from the heel to the forefoot in the opposite direction, reducing the intensity while kneading.

2. Rub your heels. Use your thumbs to rub the heels, using moderate to heavy pressure to draw small circles on the heels. Slowly press down the entire heel. Do the same for the ankle bone.

3. Massage the heels with the cross method. Meaning you push your heels up and down with your thumbs. When one thumb pushes up, the other thumb should push down.

4. Massage your ankles. Use both hands to draw circles around the ankle bone, gently rubbing the top of the ankle bone with your fingers.

5. Use fists to massage the arch of the foot. Make a fist and press the arch of your foot with the tops of your fingers. Gently roll your hands back and forth to massage the skin of your feet.

6. Massage your toes. Take a moment to massage each toe individually. Gently pull on the toes. This may rattle the joint, but unless it makes the other person uncomfortable, go ahead and do it. Slide your index finger into the space between your toes. Massage your toes in a back and forth motion, and if you prefer, massage the base of your toes with your index finger and thumb. Apply a little massage oil or cream between each toe by gently sliding five fingers simultaneously between each toe.

It should be noted that you can do the full service massage in Dubai at home. Do not overuse essential oils and creams, or your hands will be too slippery to achieve the massage effect. If the partner is pregnant or has high blood pressure or diabetes, avoid using too much force, as this may cause strain on the pregnant woman or exacerbate existing health problems. Make sure your partner's knee is not locked out (stretched all the way) during the massage. This will stiffen the knee and inhibit blood circulation.

Put a cushion or rolled up towel under your knees to help keep them relaxed and slightly bent. If your partner's feet are painful or overly sensitive, seek professional medical advice and care. Be careful not to use too much pressure, which can cause discomfort, but apply enough pressure to the bottom of the foot so as not to cause itching. This can spoil the mood.

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