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Facial massage in Dubai makes skin more elastic

Generally speaking, massaging the skin of the face can increase the temperature of the skin, accelerate the blood circulation, and promote the metabolism, so that the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of the face can function normally. If you do a facial massage in Dubai every morning and evening, the blood circulation in the skin's tiny blood vessels will be significantly accelerated, and various nutrient energy sources will be continuously transmitted to the skin cells, so that the skin is not easy to age, and wrinkles will be significantly reduced. Today, I will teach you 4 kinds of Ways to improve skin problems!

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Body to Body Massage in Dubai

General facial massage can be done by yourself. It refers to the method of applying moisturizing cream on the entire face and then massaging it gently to make the face more shiny and bright. Frequent facial massage can delay skin aging and make the skin more radiant. But if you have more time, you can do the full body massage in Dubai to get a better effect.

Common Methods of Facial Massage

1. Peel facial massage

Such as two pieces of apple peel, watermelon peel, etc., pinch one piece with left and right hands, push outward and upward along the corner of the mouth and the sides of the nose, and rub in a circular motion, and then massage from the middle of the forehead to the edge of the forehead, about 3 minutes .

Efficacy: This method uses vitamins and other ingredients in the peel to nourish the face, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and beautify the skin.

2. Facial hot compress massage

Apply a hot towel to the face, and massage with both palms on the face in a clockwise direction for about 3 minutes. Massage once a night before going to bed. The facial skin should be washed carefully before massage, and skin care products can be properly applied after massage. This hot compress massage is also can be used in the regular hand massage.

Efficacy: Hot compress massage can open the pores of the face, which is beneficial to the absorption of the skin, the discharge of waste and the absorption of nutrients.

3. Egg green massage

Massage the face with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands, first rub the chin, massage towards the earlobe, then massage from the corner of the mouth to the front of the ear, then massage around the eye socket and forehead, and finally use the palm surface to rotate from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside.

Efficacy: It can astringe and nourish the skin.

4. Milk massage

Gently massage the surrounding area, and then massage the cheeks and surrounding area; then dip the two palms in the milk, rub the sides with the nose wings outward, and then push upwards; finally, rub the forehead horizontally with one palm several times.

Efficacy: This method can moisturize and nourish facial skin.

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