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Can girls get massage in Dubai during menstruation?

Menstrual period is a special period for the body, the body often feels overworked, and many behaviors such as strenuous exercise and other behaviors that change the flow of qi and blood cannot be performed. The massage especially the full body massage in Dubai can make the body's blood flow comfortably and relieve fatigue. So, can our Dubai Girls get some massage during your menstrual period?

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First of all, do not massage during menstruation. Many women feel more tired than usual during menstruation, and experience body aches and weakness, so many women choose to do massage. Usually, massage can improve blood circulation, has the effect of promoting metabolism, and is good for physical health, but massage is not suitable for menstruation.

Women are also not allowed to massage their feet during menstruation, that is, pedicure. The role of foot therapy is to ensure the circulation of blood, clear the meridians, and promote the normal physiological functions of the human body. This shows that pedicure and blood-activating and stasis-removing medicine have the same effect, and pedicure during menstruation may lead to increased menstrual flow in women.

Most women may experience back pain during menstruation, and some people choose to massage their back to relieve it. In fact, women feel lower back discomfort during menstruation is caused by pelvic congestion, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. If you massage the waist vigorously at this time, it may aggravate the pelvic congestion, which will increase the discomfort of the lower back. Therefore, women should also avoid massaging the waist during menstruation. If you have a bad stomach, you can try the massage when you’re free.

Although it is said that massage is generally not recommended during menstruation, because massage can accelerate the blood circulation of the pelvic body and make the pelvic cavity more congested. At the same time, applying medicines during massage in Dubai, such as essential oils, can be absorbed by the body, causing abnormal body functions, increasing menstrual flow or prolonging menstruation.

However, there are also a few people with less menstrual flow, so they can soak their feet properly and massage some acupuncture points. In addition, during menstruation, pay attention to preventing cold, getting enough sleep, increasing nutrition, and avoiding the spicy food. Menstrual blood is a good source of nutrients for bacteria or other microorganisms, so you must pay attention to personal hygiene during menstruation, especially prohibit sexual life and bathing, otherwise it may lead to genital infection.

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