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Dubai Massage Helps Improve Constipation

Relevant studies have shown that in Dubai, the prevalence of constipation in the elderly is about 15% to 30%, and in elderly patients who are bedridden for a long time, the prevalence rate is as high as 80%, especially in elderly women, women and men. Constipation is mainly caused by slow bowel movements. First of all, it is recommended to improve the diet structure, increase dietary fiber in food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more water, take honey, sesame oil, etc. to help laxatives if necessary, develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day. Moreover, a full body massage in Dubai will be the convenient way to promote bowel movements.

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Massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Full Service - Ayumi

Constipation people in Dubai are likely to have indigestion, so people with severe constipation can learn to massage properly in life, and massage the abdomen can very well improve the constipation problem. However, when massaging, it is necessary to learn the correct massage method. A good massage in Dubai at home method can play a role in assisting digestion, so as to relieve the patient's constipation.

It is best for patients with constipation to replace refined grains with coarse grains. After all, the content of dietary fiber in coarse grains is relatively high, and dietary fiber is a great helper for promoting digestion. In addition, patients with severe constipation can also buy some dietary fiber tablets to eat, but the dosage should be controlled and not taken for a long time to prevent drug dependence.

Method of Dubai massage for improving constipation

First, place one palm directly above the navel and use four fingers except the thumb to massage clockwise from right to left along the line of the colon. When massaging to the lower left part of the abdomen, the pressure of the massage should be increased. If the pressure used is not enough, it cannot stimulate the intestinal tract. It can be exerted in a moderate range so that it does not feel pain, and massage can also be performed with overlapping hands.

Afterwards, use natural breathing during the massage, that is, the abdomen relaxes and expands when inhaling, and sinks when exhaling. Actually, not only good for improving constipation, there are more benefits for your body.

You can do it once before going to the toilet, about 10 minutes each time. In addition to rubbing your hands before each massage, you can also use a hot towel to warm the abdomen to make the effect better.

In addition, the elderly with constipation should also improve the diet structure, increase the content of dietary fiber and water intake, and pay more attention to regular bowel movements; usually maintain enough exercise, which can improve intestinal peristalsis. The elderly often have some chronic diseases, and some diseases and treatment drugs may cause constipation. At this time, you can consult a doctor whether to adjust the drugs or take other measures. At the same time, you should improve your mood and avoid factors such as excessive tension and anxiety.

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