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Dubai Massage helps you sleep better

In daily life in Dubai, many people face a lot of mental stress, especially middle-aged people, which leads to some insomnia symptoms in our body, which makes us weak and our body immunity declines. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention and improving insomnia. Today I will tell you 3 methods of Dubai Massage at Home to improve sleep, which are really practical and hope to be helpful to everyone.

Ayumi comes from Japan, she is good at Japanese style body to body massage in Dubai. You can check the video of Ayumi to take a view of her sexy body.

Dubai Nuru Massage
Dubai Massage Body to Body - Ayumi

1 Gently massage the chest and abdomen

In daily life, many people have indigestion and insomnia symptoms. In response to this situation, we can gently massage the chest and abdomen, and repeat this action, which will make us fall asleep quickly, but we also It should be noted that in the process of this full body massage in Dubai, it must be advanced from the chest to the abdomen, but not the other way around, because the blood of our body is transported by the heart, and advancing from the heart to the abdomen is conducive to relieving the heart. The pressure can also make the blood flow more smoothly in our body.

2 Massage the neck

By pressing the neck, you can achieve the effect of improving sleep, mainly using the principle of whole body massage. Behind our ears and in the middle of the neck, we can clearly feel it, and then there is a pit-like depression. But when we usually have insomnia symptoms and it is difficult to fall asleep, we can massage here and extend to our neck at the same time, which can play a good sleep aid effect. In addition, when we massage the neck, the intensity can be slightly strengthened, and the effect of promoting sleep will be better.

3 Foot massage

Knocking the soles of the feet with a fist before going to bed every night can promote the blood circulation system of the whole body, so that the function of the internal organs can be improved enough. The proper beating method is to take the foot plate as the management center, rhythmically spread out around the surrounding area, to the extent of a little pain, you can also sit cross-legged on a bed or table and chair, and place your foot on the knee joint of the other leg. Up, it's easier to tap, and each foot taps up and down 100 times.

All in all, massage is a good way to improve sleep. By the Dubai massage of our neck, waist and abdomen, feet, and also facial massage etc., it can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia caused by staying up late and mental stress. Therefore, at the same time, we should also maintain a relatively peaceful state, which is very beneficial for the treatment of insomnia symptoms.

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