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Dubai Prostate Massage Benefits and Precautions

As a very economical treatment, prostate massage in Dubai is worth a try when there are indications. Note: Be sure to go to a professional massage center in Dubai or find some professional masseuses. At the same time, it is also very important for people with prostatitis to maintain a healthy and upward lifestyle and a good attitude. Sometimes if you relax your mind, prostatitis will be cured.

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The benefits of prostate massage.

In the diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis, prostate massage is a commonly used method, which has three advantages:

①Prostatic fluid can be taken out by prostate massage to provide reference for clinical diagnosis and treatment;

②Prostate massage can also dredge the prostate duct, which is helpful for the drainage of prostatic fluid;

③Prostate massage is beneficial to the blood circulation of the prostate and improves the internal environment of the prostate.

The prostate is located at the bottom of the pelvis, with the bladder above it, the urethra below it, the pubic bone in front, and the rectum in the back. Your masseuses or some Dubai massage girls can feel the prostate forward during digital rectal examination. Prostate massage is an important treatment for chronic prostatitis. Usually once a week, 6 to 8 weeks as a course of treatment. Use rubber finger cots or disposable plastic gloves, or condoms instead, and prepare some soapy water or edible vegetable oil.

Before the operation, people will need fully urinate, that is, implanted with both elbows and knees, head down, buttocks raised. The masseuse r stands on the left side, wears a finger cot on the index finger of the right hand and dips a little soapy water (or vegetable oil) for massage. Attention should be paid to prostate massage: the massage technique should be moderate in severity. Excessive force will cause pain and tissue damage.

The whole process of prostate massage is not complicated, but it is necessary to pay attention to the massage technique. The whole process should be careful and gentle, and remember not to operate violently, otherwise it will damage the people’s rectal wall or mechanically damage the prostate. Squeeze the prostatic fluid. By the prostate Massage or a full body massage in Dubai, you can even get a better sleep at night.

The use of prostate massage to treat chronic prostatitis is a long-term process that generally requires prostate massage 2 to 3 times a week for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Research shows that frequent and regular sex is similar to prostate massage, as both methods promote prostate activity and discharge.

In adult males, the prostate secretes an average of 2 ml of prostatic fluid per day. If the patient has only one life the night before, the prostatic fluid is part of the semen, and most of it is excreted. Massaging the prostatic fluid the next day may be a daunting task, so require Patients massage the prostate for at least two days.

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