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Massage in Dubai to eliminate fat on the waist

In Dubai, people nowadays are prone to have fat on their waist and abdomen due to prolonged sitting, which is undoubtedly a great trouble for women who love beauty. Believe me, in Dubai, if you do not exercise hard in summer, you will find fat on the waist and protruding belly in autumn. That is the most tangled obesity problems for women. So how to eliminate fat on the waist? Yes, the most effective method is Massage in Dubai at Home.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai
Dubai Nuru Massage - Miya

How to get rid of fat on the waist

A Full Body Massage in Dubai. With the belly button as the center, start massage on the abdomen, first on the right side, then on the left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.

You can stand, sit flat or lie on your back naturally. Breathe naturally and relax your whole body, with the palms of your palms facing the umbilical abdomen, then gently rub the umbilical abdomen in a clockwise direction, and then gently massage in a counterclockwise direction.

Massage is a method that can be done at home. Massage can promote the blood flow of the body and increase the body's metabolism.

By insisting on massage, toxins can be discharged from the body. The fat on the waist is slowly consumed, and the massage can follow it by itself. Both sides of the waist are repeatedly pushed down and rubbed down. Of course, it is best to go to the massage center for a more professional massage.

After taking a shower every day, you may wish to massage your abdomen, which will have a very good waist thinning effect! When taking a bath, first apply essential oils such as mixed lavender essential oil (moisturizing), lemon (whitening), and jojoba (base oil) on the abdomen, and then massage both hands upwards in one place at the same time.

Mainly massage the left and right sides of the waist, lower abdomen, left and right abdomen, about 10 minutes. Such massage can consume calories, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism. Normally, you can also do some exercises to twist the waist, so that the waist muscles can be moved to achieve the effect of thin waist.

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