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Methods of Prostate Massage in Dubai and some Precautions

As we know, in Dubai, prostatitis is a common problem for many men, especially young and middle-aged men under the age of 50, the incidence of prostatitis is relatively high. Because of the high temperature in Dubai, people get less chance to have some outdoor sports, such as running and swimming. So we need some methods to deal with the prostatitis. The best self-treatment is Prostate Massage in Dubai, to have a relatively good effect, the operation steps are simple and quick, and it is very easy to accept and master. Compared with drug treatment, it is a good auxiliary treatment.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

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Miya - Dubai Massage Body to Body

Prostate massage therapy is a therapy that relieves the stagnation of prostate secretion, improves local blood circulation, and promotes the absorption and subsidence of inflammation by regularly massaging the prostate, draining the prostate fluid, and expelling inflammatory substances. The prostate massage method is especially suitable for retention and chronic bacterial prostatitis, where the glands are full, soft, and have more purulent secretions. It is both a diagnostic method and a treatment method. Not only a prostatic massage, you can also do a full body massage in Dubai, it will be also effective to help you draining the fluid.

When prostatic massage is prostatitis, the prostatic duct and acinar are blocked by the exudation of live or dead bacteria and their products and tissue reaction. The environment is very similar to a tiny abscess. Theoretically speaking, prostate massage can relieve the obstruction of these glands, get normal drainage, and make antibiotics easier to penetrate.

Therefore, it is recommended to massage the prostate 1-2 times a week to help the drainage of the prostate fluid. After general massage, the patient feels relieved, local discomfort and swelling feeling alleviated. However, if symptoms worsen or fever after massage, massage should be suspended and antibacterial drugs should be added.

Be sure to apply gentle pressure during massage. Use soap to lubricate finger cots before massage to reduce discomfort. Each massage treatment should be at least 3 days apart. If during the self-massage process, the prostate is noticeably tender and the sensation of the capsule is enhanced, you should go to the specialist outpatient clinic in time to avoid the situation of prostatic massage during the acute attack of chronic prostatitis. In addition, patients with prostate tuberculosis or tumors, prostate atrophy or sclerosis, are not suitable for this therapy. On the other hand, massage can also help you to relax your legs at the same time.

Since most people with chronic prostatitis are elderly people and young middle-aged people, there are a lot of things every day. Taking time out every week to go to the hospital for special massage is not realistic for many patients, so some people performs self-massage at home. In fact, self-massage is a simple and effective method for patients with full, soft, and secretive prostate. People should pay attention to the following points.

The following situations should not be massaged: patients suspected of prostate tuberculosis or tumor; patients with acute episodes of chronic prostatitis; patients with prostate atrophy or sclerosis. In the self-massage, you should pay attention to the obvious tenderness of the prostate and the enhancement of the sensation of the capsule, so you should go to the hospital in time. The prostate self-massage therapy is only an auxiliary treatment method and cannot completely replace other therapies. If you are not suitable for the prostate massage, you can try a body to body massage in Dubai, it will be exciting for you.

Note that the prostate massage needs to be massaged after defecation, after cleaning the anus and the lower part of the rectum.

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