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Dubai Massage helps you improve your immunity

After working in Dubai for a day, do you feel very physically exhausted? Do you feel that you eat more and move less and your immunity is getting lower and lower? Do you want to have a strong body? Know how to improve immunity? Now I recommend to you some methods of massage in Dubai to improve your immunity.

Cici is from Malaysia, she is good at the body massage in Dubai for you.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Massage Body to Body - Cici

As long as you do these massages, you can easily improve your immunity. The health massage method recommended below is an improved Japanese Shiatsu massage in Dubai, which can help you by adjusting the functions of the human nerves, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular and other major systems and organs, activating dormant neural stem cells and improving the function of the human immune system. Treat various chronic diseases.

Foot massage

There are many core acupuncture points on the bottom of the feet, and they correspond to various important organs of the human body. They are typical parts that reflect the correlation between the part and the whole of the human body. Do a good job of foot health care, which has a good regulatory effect on maintaining the balance of the various organs of the body. Hot water soaking and massage can be used for foot health care. The foot massage and other methods can improve immunity.

Back massage

Good back health care can improve your immunity a lot. Modern medicine has also found that there are a large number of immune cells under the skin of the human back. For example, after a cold or heatstroke, "massage the back" or if possible, a full body massage in Dubai can activate the immune cells of the back. Usually, hot water can be used for health care, and it can also be massaged through the palms or elbow joints. In addition, apply essential oils on the back and massage the back until the skin is warm and flushed, which is good for fighting colds and strengthening the body's immunity.

Massage the spine

The spine is the nerve center of the human body and directly connects to the brain. Doing a good job of health care of the spine has a good effect on stimulating the function of the nervous system, enhancing the function of the brain, regulating the function of the viscera, and improving the body's resistance to virus invasion. The health of the spine can also be carried out by hot compresses, essential oils or glycerin and other friction methods. And by this kind of massage, you can get a better skin condition, especial for improving your dark circles!

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