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Dubai Massage before going to bed to help sleep

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

In Dubai, many people with high life pressure and irregular work and rest time hope that they can have a good sleep quality when they are resting, because good sleep can help people recover their physical strength and energy as soon as possible, and can let people release stress. In order to fall asleep as soon as possible, people will use many methods. Enjoy a Dubai Full Body Massage before going to bed to help sleep is the method that many people will choose. Let’s go down together.

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Massage in 3 places can soothe the nerves and help sleep

1. Ears

The ear is an important part of listening, but many people ignore the health care of the ear in daily life. There are many important key areas hidden on the ear, and these positions are closely related to the organs of the human body, so frequent ear massage is actually equivalent to stimulating the organs in the body.

And when you have insomnia and can't fall asleep at night, we might as well massage the ears, which can effectively help sleep and calm the nerves.

In addition, many people always like to think wildly at night, and thinking too much will inevitably disturb the normal nervous system, which will make them upset and aggravate insomnia.

Moreover, from the theory, insomnia is mainly caused by the weakness of the heart and spleen, and these two organs have corresponding reflection areas on the ears. Therefore, massaging the ears can well enhance the functions of the heart and spleen, thereby effectively relieving the symptoms of insomnia.

2. Head

Regular head massage can play an excellent role in regulating insomnia, so it is a good choice for people suffering from insomnia to try head massage.

Regular massage of the head can also effectively stimulate the capillaries on the scalp and keep them in a dilated state, so the blood flow to the head will be more smooth.

Therefore, it can better supply the required nutrients and oxygen for the brain tissue, can promote the blood circulation of the head, and play an excellent role in helping sleep and hair growth.

After massaging the head, you will find that the whole head will be quite relaxed, so you can naturally enter the state of sleep better. For head massage, you need to pay attention about the cold wind, avoid the wind blow to head directly is necessary, especially in hot summer, there would be more attention!

3. Feet

The foot is the farthest position of the human body from the heart, and plays an extremely important role in people's health.

Moreover, the daily feet are also the key parts for various activities, and they are quite tired after a whole day of running. Massaging the feet can stimulate the core area on the feet very well, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation and help transport substances in the human body, so as to play an excellent nourishing effect on the body.

In addition, massaging the feet can also regulate the tense nerves and eliminate fatigue. Only when the body is comfortable, can it be better to enter the sleep state. Moreover, not only these 3 parts, if you can enjoy a full body massage in Dubai, you will of course get more effect!

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