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Can women in Dubai massage their body during menstruation?

Because, in Dubai, life pressure and work pressure are constantly increasing, many people will have a certain psychological and physical burden. Therefore, many people may choose to have a massage during their leisure time, because of the body massage in Dubai, can help people relax stress well, so can massage be done during menstruation? Menstruation is a good friend of women once a month. There are many precautions for menstruation, so can women massage their body during menstruation?

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We know that massage can keep the body healthy and relieve pain. The massaged parts include feet, abdomen, head, etc. Generally, it is easy to feel tired during menstruation. At this time, you can also do some simple local massages such as waist and legs to help relieve fatigue.

So, can women massage their feet during menstruation?

1 Foot massage for women during menstruation.

It is best to avoid foot massage during menstruation. We know that the role of foot massage is to eliminate obstacles to the movement of blood, dredge the meridians, and promote the recovery of normal physiological functions of the human body. If a woman uses foot massage during menstruation, not only will it not relieve fatigue, but it will cause heavy menstrual flow and bring harm to the body. Therefore, women try to avoid foot massage during menstruation. In addition, women's menstrual discomfort may be mainly related to endocrine disorders, and people should treat it fundamentally. It is also need to pay attention to the pregnant women.

Moreover, even in normal times, due to the abundant acupuncture points on the feet of the human body, when going outside to perform foot massages, the medical techniques of the masseuses. If you encounter some unprofessional masseuses, the Dubai full body massage will not have a good health preservation effect, so It would be better not to do it. So what should I do during menstruation?

1. During menstruation, women can take a hot shower to relieve fatigue, but the shower time should not be too long, about 15 minutes is appropriate.

2. During menstruation, you must pay attention to keep warm, avoid the cold, and adjust your rest appropriately.

3. Pay more attention to your diet, eat lightly, but be nutritious.

2 Women's waist massage during menstruation

The waist can be massaged during menstruation, but pay attention to the way. Women can gently push the waist from top to bottom with the palm of the hand, or gently push the waist in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, which can relax the local muscles and achieve relief at the same time. Because women with backache during menstruation are mostly caused by uterine spasmodic contractions, female friends should not beat or pat the waist hard to prevent strong vibration from affecting the uterus.

When there is discomfort in the waist during menstruation, female friends can use a hot water bottle for hot compress. The hot compress can not only eliminate the tension in the waist, but also the heat can be transferred from the waist to the uterus during the hot compress. The contraction frequency will slow down, so the waist discomfort will naturally be reduced.

Female friends should also drink plenty of hot water during menstruation. Hot water can promote blood circulation in the uterus, relieve uterine spasmodic contractions, etc., thereby achieving the purpose of alleviating discomfort. It is best for female friends with conditions to drink brown sugar ginger water. Brown sugar has a good blood-tonifying effect, while ginger slices have the effect of dispelling cold and warming the palace, which is very suitable for menstrual women.

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