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Attention to Pregnant Women Massage in Dubai

Can pregnant women be massaged? How do pregnant women massage? Even during the most urgent event during pregnancy, you can try to slow down to reduce the stress response to yourself and the fetus. Your partner’s full body massage in Dubai during pregnancy can ultimately relax your body, mind and spirit, which is beneficial to the health of you and your fetus.

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Yuki - Massage in Dubai Full Service

Especially during pregnancy, massage not only calms the pregnant women’s nerves, but also helps relieve the aches and pains of the pregnant women in Dubai, reduce the swelling of the hands and feet of the pregnant women, and even improve their sleep quality. Pregnant women massage should pay attention to the following points:

Massage sitting posture: Pregnant women are best to straddle the chair with their back facing you. There is a table in front of the chair, and one or two pillows on the table top. The pregnant woman can rest her head during the massage.

Massage period: Be careful not to massage during the first three months of pregnancy, because it may increase miscarriage. Massage works best in the second trimester.

Massage frequency: Massage once a week during the second trimester of pregnancy, and massage twice a week or more during the third trimester of pregnancy. During your third trimester, you can increase the massage to twice a week or more. And if you would like to try the body to body massage in Dubai, once in two weeks will be enough.

Massage time: During pregnancy, only need 20 minutes massage twice a week for five weeks. Massage method: rub your hands with massage oil, it is best to add a few drops of relaxing essential oil (such as lavender).

Massage procedure: Start from under the waist circumference of the back, and slowly slide along the sides of the spine from bottom to top to the shoulders for at least a few minutes, until the back muscles begin to warm and relax. Do not massage the spine directly, it is best for those who have never massaged before. Ask a professional masseur for guidance.

"Partner Massage" during pregnancy: It can improve the mood and sleep of pregnant women, while reducing anxiety and back pain, which can provide great benefits to both partners and the fetus. And if you have interest of partner massage, you can have a look of the prostate massage in Dubai.

Note for pregnant women: If you feel unwell during the massage in Dubai, immediately stop the massage; never massage on your stomach after 20 weeks of pregnancy; never massage on wounds, infections, rashes or varicose veins; avoid pressing on the ankle and heel. Because this is directly related to the uterus and vagina, if the pressure in the third trimester of pregnancy can cause premature birth; avoid massaging the abdomen, it can make the baby start kicking activities.

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