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Please Try a Prostate massage in Dubai

In Dubai, does a man with a prostate uncomfortable have to go to the hospital for treatment? In fact, the treatment of chronic prostatitis through self-massage of the prostate does have a certain effect, so what should you do? Prostate massage in Dubai is a therapy that relieves the stagnation of prostate secretion and improves local blood circulation by regularly prostate massage, draining prostate fluid, and expelling inflammatory substances. Bacterial prostatitis is especially suitable for those with full, soft, purulent secretions. It is both a diagnostic method and a treatment method.

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Many male friends say this. Can prostate massage be done at home? Experts believe that self-massaging the prostate to treat chronic prostatitis does have a certain effect, but it is not necessarily applicable to everyone. If you don't have enough experience of Dubai Full Body Massage, it will even aggravate the condition.

Experts explained that prostate massage therapy is an auxiliary therapy that drains the prostate fluid and discharges inflammatory substances by regularly massaging the prostate to relieve the accumulation of prostate secretion, improve local blood circulation, absorb absorption and subsidence. Most of the patients with prostatitis are elderly people at the top and young middle-aged people at the bottom. There are a lot of things every day. Every week, they take time out to go to the hospital for massage. For many patients, it is not realistic, so some patients will try a Dubai massage at home. In fact, self-massage is a simple and effective method for patients with full, soft prostate and split secretions.

However, massage is not suitable for the following situations: When self-massage is suspected of prostate tuberculosis, you should pay attention to the obvious tenderness of the prostate and increased cysticity, and you should go to the hospital in time. The prostate self-massage therapy is only an auxiliary treatment method and cannot completely replace other therapies.

According to experts, during massage, you can squat down. After cleaning the anus, massage the girl's index finger on one hand and lubricate it with massage oil, and then extend it into the anus. Use the last knuckle of the index finger to face the rectal surface of the prostate, from the outside. Embed the prostate gently from inside to bottom, starting from the insertion of the gland to the midline 3 to 4 times, and then squeeze out the prostatic fluid from the central groove from the top to the bottom of the urethra.

Massage for 3 to 5 minutes each time. It is better to discharge the oral prostatic fluid from the urethra each time. The massage must be gentle and the interval between each massage treatment is at least 3 days. Generally, massage 1 to 2 times a week. After the massage, the patient must urinate immediately so that the inflammatory secretions remaining in the urethra can be discharged with the urine. It is so important that you need know some precautions, same as the precautions for breast massage.

Plasma prostate massage in patients with acute bacterial prostatitis to prevent the spread of infection. Patients with chronic prostatitis can be massaged 2 to 3 times a week. Chronic prostatitis can be said to be the most common disease in prostate urology. Due to the anatomical structure and physiological characteristics of the prostate, the course of the disease is frequent.

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