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What is the function of facial massage

Facial massage is used to promote blood circulation, to tissue compensatory nutrition. Increase oxygen delivery, promote cell metabolism is normal. Help skin excretes waste and carbon dioxide, reduce fat accumulation. Make the skin compact and elastic. Ruled out in the subcutaneous excessive moisture, eliminate swelling and skin is flabby phenomenon, effectively postpone skin aging .Make subcutaneous neuroleptic, rested, eliminate fatigue, alleviate muscle pain and tension, is invigorating.

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Massage before, shall generally be in facial wipe some cold cream. Because cold cream not only can make massage and smooth, but also can absorb the heat generated when the massage. Massage time should not be too hard. Massage with middle finger and ring finger is most appropriate. Massage action must have the rhythm sense of rhythm, speed should not be too fast or too slow, the speed of the massage is best in accordance with the speed of the heart beats about.

The first step Smooth forehead lines, circles with both hands middle finger and ring finger on his forehead, the direction is up to the outside, starting from the central forehead the eyebrows, each side draw to the temples, and then with both hands index finger point pressure temple. Repeat 20 times. Can prevent the forehead wrinkles appear.

The second step Points on the eye socket, the thumb press on the temples, the inner side of the second quarter on index finger under the eye socket. Eyes from brow to brow for once. Under the eyes from the inner eye to the outer corner for one time. After the first, a circle for twice, a total of 20 times. It can eliminate eye fatigue, prevent eye wrinkles, prevent the emergence of the pouch, can also help prevent cheek skin flabby.

The third step Pushed by the nose, nasal pores particularly big, easy to long black spots. With two hands moisturized, on both sides of the nose outreach by nasolabial sulcus sites, the middle finger push wipe up and down the right in the middle of the bridge of the nose, and then repeat 20 times .Can make breathing smooth, also can prevent the nose black spots.

The fourth step The middle finger along the points on the lips, lips do circle, and then, respectively from the middle to the corners of the mouth lightly on both sides. By the groove of upper lip to the corners of the mouth, lower lip by XiaKe central to the corners of the mouth, apply to the lower lip of the lateral, two fingers slightly above to light to pick. Repeat it 20 times. This method can prevent the corners of the mouth expression wrinkles, prevent the corners of the mouth prolapse.

The last Step Dab cheeks, cheek, remarked in his hands gently on both sides of the cheek, several until slightly red cheek skin flap. Can make the cheek muscles strong, not easy to loose. The neck, from down to up to wipe the neck with both hands, from left to right, from right to left again. Repeat 20 times. Can protect neck wrinkles. The above is suitable for family use facial care massage hold, massage once every morning and evening, massage can also be used in spare time. Massage, skill to gentle, the pace that gentle, don't rub. As long as perseverance, will be able to keep the skin strong and handsome.

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