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We need take more attention to Facial Skin Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, because of the strong sunshine and the hot weather, girl need take more care about the face skin. The skin needs the maintenance of skin care products, and also requires our regular facial massage in Dubai. Massage the skin to relieve the fatigue of the skin, so what should be paid attention to when we do a facial or full body massage in Dubai?

Yuki is from Japan, she is good at body to body massage with this essential oil.

Dubai Massage Full Body
Yuki, sexy girl of massage in Dubai

Facial skin massage in Dubai is one of the favorite beauty skin care methods for girls. Some cuties will choose to go to the beauty salon for facial massage, and some cuties will do a simple Dubai massage at home, whether they choose to go to the beauty salon or at home. After the facial massage, we will all feel that the skin is radiant, but sometimes you will find that after the facial massage, the skin does not seem to achieve the ideal tender and smooth effect. You must know that facial massage is also skillful and messy. A massage is not enough. Cuties who like to do facial massage need to pay attention to the following me, so let's learn more!

1. Do not massage when the facial skin is rough, dry

The dry and rough little face is not suitable for massage, because under the condition of rough and dry skin, the more you massage the skin, the more it will become wrinkled, and it will hurt the internal cell tissue of the skin, whether it is gentle massage or hard massage. Not very suitable. If you really want to have a skin massage treatment, you must first apply a moisturizing massage cream, such as moisturizing massage cream containing glycerin, olive oil and other ingredients, and then massage, this will reduce the chance of skin damage and let the skin get better Nourishing care.

2. It is not suitable to massage when the skin is red and allergic

Shouldn't massage treatment be suitable when the skin appears serious? When the skin has severe allergies, redness and scarring, it is not suitable for facial massage, which is easy to aggravate the skin allergies and cause serious skin diseases. Therefore, facial massage also depends on the time, when the skin is damaged and allergic, you must wait until the skin recovers.

3. Facial massage to avoid sagging massage

When we do facial mask massage in Dubai, we require that the massage technique is correct and the movements are gentle. Follow the lymphatic direction of the skin to massage. This can help the skin to expel toxins. Remember, it must not be massaged from top to bottom, which is easy to pull the skin and accelerate a lot of skin sagging. Many problems of sagging skin appear because of this inattention. As such, when applying skin care products in the usual time, it should also be noted that it is correct to lift and apply from the bottom up, which can make the skin more firm and better absorb the nutrition of the skin care products. Cuties must pay attention to this when doing facial massage!

4. Facial massage also requires accurate time

The best facial massage time is before going to bed every night, after washing your face, you can apply skin care oil or facial cream, and then give the skin a massage SPA, the massage time should not be too long, about 10 minutes to 15 minutes Between minutes, apply toner to give the skin enough time to trim. After a lot of trimming, the next day, you will find that the skin will be very delicate and hydrated. Therefore, massage the skin before going to bed every night is the best skin care time. On the other hand, the Japanese Shiatsu massage is also good for your body.

5. The skin massage force must be gentle

The massage of the skin on the face must be well controlled. Use your fingertips to gently massage the skin. You must use the fingertips instead of your fingernails. Follow the lymph nodes of the skin from the bottom to the massage to avoid skin wrinkles. Breeding, while helping to expel toxins, making the skin more hydrated and healthy!

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