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The seven areas of Shiatsu massage in Dubai are very good for the body

"Japanese Shiatsu massage" belongs to massage in the Japanese medical system. Japanese medicine believes that regular "shiatsu massage" is very good for the human body. On Shiatsu massage, you can choose the head massage, legs/feet massage and also a full body massage in Dubai. Let's take a look at where "shiatsu massage" is the best health.

Nancy is from Kobe, Japan. She is professional in body massage, and especially for the Body to body Massage in Dubai!

Body to Body Massage in Dubai
Nancy, best massage girl in Dubai

Common Shiatsu massage of these seven places can prolong life

1. Shiatsu massage forehead

Put the fingertips of the palms of your hands on the forehead relatively, and push the shiatsu massage from the midline to both sides in one direction, 30~50 times a day. This method can sober your mind, delay the appearance of "head lift", and it is better to operate after waking up in the morning.

2. Shiatsu massage for both ears

There are many acupuncture points on the ear. Use both hands to lightly press the two ears, and push the acupressure massage back and forth up and down, auricle acupressure massage red acupressure massage heat, can stimulate the acupuncture points of the ear, not only can wake up, but also Physical fitness.

3. Shiatsu massage nose

The index fingers of both hands start from the middle of the eyebrows, push down along the bridge of the nose, and then massage with finger pressure. The strength should not be too large. The number of operations is best when the nose is slightly red. This method can speed up the blood circulation of the nose, stimulate acupuncture points, prevent colds and rhinitis.

4. Shiatsu massage hands and feet

Massage the shiatsu with the palms of the hands or the back of the hands to the shiatsu with red shiatsu massage heat, which can stimulate the acupuncture points and strengthen the body. Using both hands and palms to press and rub the soles of the feet to massage the heat, can improve immunity and resistance, prevent colds and respiratory diseases. And especially, in Dubai, foot massage can improve cervical spondylosis.

5. Shiatsu massage chest

Gently press the palms of both hands on the sternum and the flank on both sides to do the shiatsu massage in Dubai with circular motions. Every time 50 times for each part, you can do it several times a day. This method can enhance cardiopulmonary function, but also soothe and calm emotions.

6. Shiatsu massage belly

Put the palm of your hand gently on the stomach cavity and do the clockwise or counterclockwise push. This method of clockwise operation can promote bowel movements, counterclockwise operation can stop diarrhea. In addition, doing something before going to bed can calm down and promote sleep.

7. Shiatsu massage waist

Gently press the palms of both hands to the lower back, fingertips facing down, rubbing back and forth for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rub the waist until the heat. This method can warm the kidneys and strengthen the waist, and insisting on doing it every day can prevent low back pain.

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