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In Dubai, foot massage can improve cervical spondylosis

As we know, foot massage is a very popular way of health care now, especially in Dubai this hot city. So do you know the benefits of foot massage in Dubai? Let’s take a look at the benefits of foot massage and also the full body massage in Dubai.

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Body to body massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage body to body- Coco

4 benefits of foot massage

1. Foot massage is good for cervical spondylosis

Medical experts have found that by massaging the cervical spine in the reflex area of ​​the foot, exciting effects can be produced. The intensity is relatively light at first, and gradually increases, preferably with a slight pain. The massage time can be selected at your own discretion. It is best to do it every morning and evening, 10~30 minutes each time. After two weeks, you can have unexpected effects on patients with cervical spondylosis.

2. Foot massage in Dubai for pregnant women vomiting

Some pregnant women present persistent high blood pressure secretions, can't even eat, have general fatigue, obvious weight loss, less urine, dry skin and mucous membranes, sunken eyes, etc., must be treated in time to avoid affecting the development of the mother and fetus. Foot massage is very effective.

3. Foot massage can improve detoxification

It is scientifically proven that saliva has an anti-cancer effect. When massaging the core point on the sole of the foot, saliva will continue to flow out, and the patient slowly swallows one bite after another, causing great discomfort to the body. In addition, drink a glass of cold water to detoxify after the foot massage. According to medical treatment: Foot massage promotes blood circulation. After drinking water, it not only replenishes water, but also enhances the excretion of waste toxins. The recovery of kidney function is improved. The metabolism is normal, and the person is mildly fast and normal.

4. Foot massage can cure insomnia

Every night before going to sleep, meditate cross-legged with the soles of the feet up, and then hold your breath to eliminate distractions, and gently massage the soles of the feet with a few hands and thumb, "Core Point" Depression. Improved sleep after reconstruction, allowing you to sleep till dawn

The spirit of modern people is often in a state of high tension and hyperactivity, which leads to suppression of dysfunction, neurosis, insomnia, and forgetfulness. If you can calmly do a foot massage in Dubai before going to bed, causing excitement to fall on the soles of the feet, which will inhibit the cerebral cortex. After a short foot massage stimulation, the excitement and suppression will naturally switch, and the circulation will be normal and maintain balance. Eventually, the night sleep is fragrant, the spirit is sufficient during the day, the life is regular, and the organ disorders will also be improved. Increased, energetic, and improved work efficiency, seems to have the effect of dispelling all diseases and regenerating the bones.

Notes on foot massage

1. A towel or bath towel, a vial of vaseline oil, and a massage stick are required before the massage. Nails should be cut short before massage to avoid scratching the patient's skin. A small amount of petroleum jelly should be applied to a piece during massage to lubricate the skin and prevent bruising.

2. Try to make the patient feel thirsty every time the massage is over. After the massage, let the patient drink 500ml of warm boiled water to detoxify.

3. Some patients may experience low-grade fever, chills, fatigue, diarrhea and other general discomfort symptoms after receiving massage treatment, or make the symptoms of complications worse. This is a normal reaction after massage. You can continue to adhere to the treatment for a few days. The symptoms disappear naturally.

4. During massage, patients should wash their feet with hot water first, then relax the whole body, lie on the bed in a stable mood, and straighten their lower limbs.

5. There are trauma, sores, abscesses on the feet. Avoid opening the affected area during massage. Massage on the same part of the other foot or the corresponding part of the same hand. By a body to body massage in Dubai, you can also eliminate excess waist meat.

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