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Use only 15 minutes to get a full body massage at home

In Dubai, contemporary urbanites always have backaches and fatigue after work every day. Think about it, how wonderful it would be if your partner could use a few Dubai massage at home techniques to relax your muscles and make your whole body soft in fifteen minutes when you get home.

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Massage in Dubai Body to Body
Dubai Massage Home Service

Neck massage

Start by pressing down on his stiff neck. Generally, when massaging the body, we always press it directly with our fingers. However, for those who are not trained, this method of pressing can easily cause sore fingers and cannot be pressed for too long. But a better way is to cross your hands left and right, with your thumb pointing up, and place them on the other half of the neck, with the roots of your palms against both sides of the neck, and then use the roots of your palms to apply force on both sides of the neck and start massaging gently.

Shoulder massage

People with stiff necks usually don't fare much better with the trapezius muscles in their shoulders. Please stand in front of the other half, use the heel of one hand to press the muscles connecting the shoulder and the neck from the front, place the other hand on the other shoulder to fix it, and then apply force in a circular motion to massage.

Place one hand against the scapula of the back for fixation, and use the heel of the palm of the other hand to place the heel of the shoulder against the trapezius muscle. Then, in a counter-force manner, massage the heel of the palm in a circular motion, first pressing deeply and then pushing outward, while pushing in the opposite direction with both hands.

Headaches and head tightness are often caused by stiff shoulders. Once you release your shoulders, you will feel instantly refreshed.

Please use the bones of your forearm to lean against the junction of the other person's shoulders and neck, massage it in a circular motion, and slowly push it out with the last push, which will immediately make the other half numb. By this massage you can also relieve stomach pain at the same time.

Hand massage

We who play with mobile phones and type every day rarely notice that our palms are actually tired. Stand in front of the other half, push out along both sides of the other person's palm, and at the same time press down, as if to separate the two halves of the other person's palm, completely extending it.

Arm massage

Stand next to your partner, put your feet up on the couch, and place their front arm on your lap. That is, the bone in front of the elbow. Avoid applying force directly with the elbow to avoid improper control and excessive force, which may cause injury to the opponent. Place your knees against your forearms for fixation, grab the opponent's wrist with one hand, and use your own forearm bones with the other hand to roll back and forth in a "leverage principle" gesture, and move forward and down to press the opponent's forearm muscles.

After the massage, you need to extend the relaxation time

After the full body massage in Dubai, you can give the other person a little more time to rest to achieve a complete set of relaxing and soothing effects. As long as you are intentional, you and him can be each other's safe haven for each other's five senses.

Massage can stimulate the vagus nerve and achieve the effect of relaxing and relieving stress. However, the quality of a person's state still depends on exercise, diet, mental stress, etc. Otherwise, if you finish today, the same problem will reappear soon, and it will continue like this. That’s not the answer either.

In addition to moderate exercise and a balanced diet, you can also read a variety of books, find inspiration in life from knowledge in different fields, and establish a self-sufficient, flexible and unrestricted lifestyle.


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