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It is very important to master the method of waist massage in Dubai

Back pain is a common physical complaint that can have many causes, such as prolonged sitting or standing, spinal problems, muscle fatigue, and more. Massage is a common way to relieve back pain. In addition to ordinary waist massage, you can also do a full body massage in Dubai, which will have a better effect. However, improper massage methods may aggravate the symptoms of back pain, so you need to master the correct massage method.

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1. Light kneading massage

Light kneading massage is a relatively gentle massage method, which can effectively relieve back pain. The specific operation is as follows: first put your hands crossed on your waist, and then rub your waist with your palms to promote blood circulation.

2. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a relatively deep massage method that can relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness in the lower back. The specific operation is as follows: gently press the waist with the thumb and index finger, and then slowly push the massage outward with the palm until it reaches the buttocks, repeat several times.

3. Stretching massage

Stretching massage is a massage method that can effectively stretch the muscles of the lower back and relieve back pain. The specific operation is as follows: first lie on your back, hold one knee with both hands, pull it closer to the chest, and then switch to the other side. If you have more time, you can do some body to body massage in Dubai also.

It should be noted that there are many causes of back pain. If it is a spinal problem, nerve problem, etc., massage may aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, some matters need to be paid attention to during massage to avoid unnecessary damage or aggravate symptoms.

Avoid massaging the painful area: If the pain is severe or the condition is complicated, avoid massaging the painful area to avoid aggravating symptoms.

The intensity of the massage should be appropriate to avoid damage to muscles and soft tissues caused by excessive force. You can start with gentle kneading and gradually increase the intensity.

Generally, the massage time should not be too long. It is advisable to massage for 20-30 minutes each time to avoid muscle fatigue.

Pay attention to hygiene when massaging, use clean hands or massage equipment to avoid infection. Especially in you need pay attention to massage in summer.

In short, you need to be cautious when massaging back pain, and choose the appropriate massage method and intensity according to your own situation and cause of disease, so as to achieve the purpose of relieving symptoms. If symptoms worsen or other discomfort occurs, seek medical attention in time.

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