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Treat Varicose Veins by a Massage in Dubai

Many elderly people and people who have been standing and working for a long time, such as flight attendants, sales assistants, etc., have curved blood vessels on their calves protruding from the skin surface. In Dubai, this modern city, there so many people like this have been suffering from the Varicose veins. Then, how to massage varicose veins? We believe that varicose veins can be treated with massage in Dubai.

Miya is from Malaysia, she is our best masseuse for Body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Miya, so sweet girl of Dubai massage

Try reverse massage for varicose veins

Girls generally have poor blood circulation. Among them, the problem of slowing venous blood return is the most prominent. Especially after sitting for a long time or standing for a long time, girls will have lower extremity soreness, swelling and other similar symptoms. Over time, they are prone to venous thrombosis, varicose veins and other diseases.

Medical experts point out that the basic strength of venous return is provided by the pressure difference formed by skin tension and muscle contraction. However, most people’s skin is relatively loose, muscle volume and strength are reduced, and cannot provide enough for venous blood returning power. If girls want to improve the problem of poor blood return, they should do more reverse lower body massage in Dubai daily.

Massage the limbs with blood flow

Medical experts said that after getting up every morning, you should first move your limbs appropriately, and then sit on a chair, use your hands to follow the movement and the blood flow of the veins for massage. Generally speaking, the large arteries of the limbs run in the limbs, and the blood flows from the heart to the elongated limbs, while the veins mostly run outside the limbs, and the blood flows from the hands and feet to the heart.

When massaging the upper limbs, first hold the left upper arm with your right hand, and push the left upper limb from the back of the hand to the shoulder along the outside of the arm. When you reach the shoulder, turn your left hand back, then continue to rub the left arm from top to bottom with your right hand to the palm of your hand. Repeat 20 times. Massage the opposite side in the same way.

When massaging the lower limbs, first use both hands to align the outside of the right leg and push up from the back of the foot to the side of the right groin. Then at the same time align the left and right thighs and move them down to massage the thigh until the bottom of the right foot. After 20 times of massage, to left leg. By the leg massage in Dubai, you can also lose weight easily.

Medical experts remind that the force should be moderate during massage. Beginners mainly use light massage, and usually use acupressure. Move the limbs before the massage to prepare the body to warm up. In addition, people with diabetes, severe hypertension, and liver and kidney dysfunction are not suitable for full body massage in Dubai.

Precautions for varicose veins

1. Change your habitual posture. Change living habits, reduce long-term prolonged and long-term sitting posture, especially prolonged static time. When lying down and sitting down, the lower limbs can be raised appropriately, helping to increase the venous return of the lower limbs.

2. Strengthen physical exercise. For patients who need long-term prevention in life or work, you can do more walking exercises to increase the function of the calf muscle pump and help the venous return of the lower limbs.

3. Avoid trauma to the affected limb. Protect the lower limbs with varicose veins to avoid injury.

4. Wear loose clothing. Lose weight and avoid overlapping tight pants.

5. Pay attention to diet and avoid spicy and greasy foods to prevent aggravation of the condition.

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