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Weight Loss by an Essential oil massage in Dubai

In Dubai, it is a so popular way that girls want to lose weight but they are too lazy to move, so the fat keeps growing, what should you do? Let me introduce to you how to lose weight as long as you sit and move your fingers. In this hot season of Dubai now, the sunshine is so strong and very humidity.

People don't want to go out, so there would be more and more fat in your body. It seems that many girls have the idea of ​​losing weight, but they can't realize it. If that's the case for you, you really want to take a look at the weight loss methods I have prepared for you. Yes, it will be the full body massage in Dubai, let’s take a look.

Ayumi comes from Japan, she is good at Japanese style body to body massage in Dubai. You can check the video of Ayumi to take a view of her sexy body.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Best Massage Girl in Dubai - Ayumi

Full Body Massage can release calories

What is the most effortless and enjoyable way to lose weight in the world? The answer would be: essential oil massage in Dubai. Massage is a process of passive energy consumption. When the masseuse repeatedly presses your muscles, you will not only release a lot of calories, but also speed up your metabolism and reduce fat naturally. Studies have found that long-term, moderate-intensity massage consumes more calories than high-intensity, short-term massage. Generally speaking, a 60-minute massage consumes the same energy as 45 minutes of continuous swimming, which is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.

Essential oil body shaping basically consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Lying on the beauty bed, the esthetician will put a heated Chinese medicine bag on your feet to warm you up, and then rub your hands with the essential oils for the massage, and then massage the parts along the direction of the lymphatic circulation. With the opening of the core area, the meridian movement speeds up the circulation of the capillaries, and the natural plant components and energy in the essential oil are transported to your full body, thereby enhancing the detoxification ability of the lymphatic system.

Step 2: Use massage to further transform the energy of essential oils to achieve decomposition. The effect of transferring fat. Usually the skin will start to become red and hot after massage 20, this is the burning and transformation of fat. On the other hand, this is also the good method to relieve your dark circles.

Step 3: By improving the Dubai massage technique, the muscles and skin can become firm, and as long as the aesthetic therapist maintains the "bottom-up" massage technique, it can also improve the sagging buttocks and resist gravity.

For the figure, women will be a bit "greedy", any part can be thin, but the scenery on the chest always hopes to improve on the original basis. In addition, many women now have breast hyperplasia problems. It is recommended to use a set of breast plumping care while pushing oil and slimming to strengthen the elasticity and toughness of the muscles around the breasts, reduce the relaxation of breast skin, and achieve the effect of making breasts fuller and preventing breast diseases.

Slimming essential oils are also different

If you want to see the slimming effect as soon as possible, you also need to prepare a different set of essential oil products. According to different body needs, the essential oils are blended to make you lose weight more specifically.

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