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Treat stiff neck by Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, everyone must have had a stiff neck experience. After getting up in the morning, you found that your neck was sore and painful. The pain was unbearable when you turned my head and it was annoying. Usually the stiff neck with mild symptoms will recover naturally in one or two days, but if the condition is serious, you can try the methods described below. Through the Dubai full body massage on some specific areas, I hope to help everyone get rid of the pain of stiff neck as soon as possible.

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Body to Body Dubai Massage - Ayumi

After waking up, did you find that your neck hurts when you move? Unfortunately to tell you, you may have a stiff neck. So how to treat stiff neck caused by sleep? How do we use the body massage in Dubai to treat stiff neck? Let's take a look together now.

Once stiff neck, many people prefer massage in Dubai , and feel that the greater the intensity, the better the effect! This is wrong! I need to remind everyone that when performing stiff neck massage at home in Dubai, you need to go from far to near, not to the pain point all at once, start with the slightly painful muscles, and go from no pain to the pain point. The intensity of the massage must be gentle and the patient can accept it. During the massage, the energizer should try to use the edge of the palm to relieve painful stimulation. On the other hand, not only for the stiff neck, massage can also help you delay aging.

What are the reasons for sleeping stiff neck?

1. Improper head and neck posture during sleep;

2. The pillow cushion is too high, improperly soft or hard or uneven;

The main methods of treatment are as follows for stiff neck due to sleep.

(1) Hot compress: Hot water bottle, electric heating stove, hot towel and infrared light bulb can all have an analgesic effect. Care must be taken to prevent burns.

(2) Massage: after the stiff neck, gently press the neck with one finger to find the most painful point, and then use one thumb to start from the top of the side of the neck to the back of the shoulder, massage in sequence, and massage the most painful point vigorously until it feels Obvious soreness means that the strength is enough. Repeat this massage 2 to 3 times, then tap the massaged part with a hollow fist, repeat 2 to 3 times. Repeating the above massage and tapping can quickly relax the spasm cervical muscles and relieve the pain.

(3) Use pain-relieving essential oils, etc., rub the painful area 2 to 3 times a day, and have a certain effect.

(4) Use topical drugs that promote blood circulation and replace them once a day. The analgesic effect is ideal. However, the patient feels that the neck movement is restricted after the plaster is applied. Pregnant women should not use it.


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